Will The Last Of Us 2 Be The Last AAA Exclusive For The PS4

Skewed and Reviewed has posted a new Opinion Piece which asks if The Last of Us 2 will follow the original and be the last major AAA exclusive for its launch system prior to the announcement of a new system.

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Kashima92d ago

I will wait for remaster on ps5 like how i did with first game

Rimeskeem92d ago

You got some patience if you can do that and not get any of it spoiled.

VenomUK92d ago

"Will The Last Of Us 2 Be The Last AAA Exclusive For The PS4?"

What if it is the FIRST AAA Exclusive for the PS5?

Shiken92d ago (Edited 92d ago )


Well the PS5 will not be out till at least 2020, so I hope it comes out before then lol.

Also I have reason to believe Horizon 2 might be the first AAA exclusive on the PS5. We will surely get a TLoU2 remaster though as well.

rainslacker92d ago

Maybe I'll be the first AAAA exclusive ever!!!


Think it'll be a cross gen game, or get a remaster like the first depending on when the PS5 releases.


I think Sony may wait with Horizon until a bit later in the gen. I wouldn't doubt they have something new for the launch pending though.

Anyhow, more on topic, when is Ghosts and Death Stranding supposed to launch?

Forn91d ago


I think PS5 will release before holiday 2019.

S2Killinit91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

It wont be the last AAA exclusive if the past 3 Playstation generations are any indication. Playstations continue to churn out games well into the start of the next generation.

Skull52191d ago

Yeah I waited for PS4 Remaster for the first game I’m gonna do the PS5 remeaster for the second.

Forn91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Guys...Holiday 2019 for PS5 would mean 6 years the PS4 has been out. That fits perfectly in line with Sony's track record. I don't understand the disagrees. It seems clear to me that they are holding back a little bit on big new game announcements too, probably due to the PS5 being on the horizon.

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Atticus_finch92d ago

I'm sure this game will be backwards compatible. No need to wait for this masterpiece.

CorndogBurglar92d ago

Backwards compatible isn't the same as a remaster...

Shiken92d ago

Corndog, if it is 86x, then it is nothing more than an HD patch.

UltraNova91d ago

Actually it will be a forward compatible game...

Silly gameAr92d ago

Day one for the PS4. I'm so looking forward to it.

Ceaser985736192d ago

Same here. Will go Digital with this one for sure..

LegendarySaiyan91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

What if the PS5 is backwards compatibility and can play PS4 games?

As for me, I live only once and my life has no contract so I am getting it at release ;)

remixx11691d ago

Tawk that "you only live once" shit!!! Also I'm a fan of broly.

And yes I don't see a point in waiting like a year or 6 months to get a game when in reality you only save a couple dollars.

mearl7491d ago

I was just going to say the same thing! You can see what Sony is doing from a (country) mile away sometimes.

lnfiniteLoop91d ago

considering the PS5 will more than likely be backward compatible, there will be no need for remasters etc...

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PhoenixUp92d ago

The Last of Us wasn’t the last major exclusive for PS3 though. Gran Turismo, Beyond: Two Souls, Tales of Xillia, Dragon’s Crown, & Puppeteer released on the console later that year.

Garethvk92d ago

I would argue that all of them combined did not have the same heat and hype that Last of Us did though.

PhoenixUp92d ago

Doesn’t matter how much hype they got, fact is TLOU wasn’t the end of exclusives on PS3, and it could be the same case with PS4 after TLOU2

BlackTar18792d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Actually none of those I would consider major exclusives. It's debatable and that is just my opinion.

Problem is I agree with your second post calling them exclusive and disagree with your first post calling them major.

PhoenixUp92d ago

You don’t consider Gran Turismo 6, a mainline installment in Sony’s most successful franchise, a major exclusive?

BlackTar18792d ago

Uhh maybe you got me on that one. But the rest no.

rainslacker92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Article isn't about major exclusives though, i'ts about AAA exclusives.

I would classify GT and Beyond as major, as they had significant marketing budgets and were pushed hard by Sony. The other three had varying degrees of importance.

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Razmiran92d ago

And tales of xillia 2 the next year

Born2Game8391d ago

GT is a major exclusive but the rest you listed aren't. The rest are niche at best.

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monkeyporn92d ago

The short answer is YES ! Sony is going to do the same thing they did with TLOU Launch it on PS3 then make the Remastered Version for PS4. Its going to be the same movie all over again. Launch on PS4 and then announce the PS 5 Rematstered Version complete with two controllers !

Rude-ro92d ago

With the news that gt:sport will be upgradable per assets and can support up to 8k..
We should not be looking at remasters for next gen.

Kashima92d ago

Forget about sport, i want real GT7 with no online esport bs

rainslacker91d ago

I don't care if they keep the export stuff. Just give me a proper a spec campaign. The sp campaign in sport, while ok, feels a bit off for a gt game.

It actually makes more sense to just keep the current sport online, instead of maintaining a separate service. They could make a different tier that doesn't require the same level of licenses to progress in the mp levels.

Rude-ro91d ago

@kahina & rainslacker
It means the game is forward compatible.
Gt sport is going to be online focused. If they continue to support the game, cool, but it is not going to be THE game forever.
My point is Sony and their developers are putting in higher assets in their games so that they stay relevant per next generation

Gardenia92d ago

Naughty Dog is the developer, not Sony

conanlifts92d ago

Sony own Naughty dog, so they can make the choices.

Gardenia92d ago

Apparently ND is owned by Sony. My mistake, I did not know that

conanlifts92d ago

"Apparently ND is owned by Sony. My mistake, I did not know that"

They purchased them in 2001, it turned out to be their best purchase as they now own possibly the best game developer in the world (at least in my opinion). Had they not Naughty Dog would have been free to make games for any platform instead of just PlayStation.

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rainslacker92d ago (Edited 92d ago ) least they didn't let the PS3 releases go dead to bolster their PS4 launch. I wish they had done the same thing for GT6 to be honest. But I guess they really wanted to push DriveClub instead.

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InKnight7s92d ago

PS3 didn't stop with The Last of Us, why PS4 would stop with TLoUII? Don't forget we still suppose to get FFVIIF part 1 or whatever and I think after TLoUII is so perfect time.

92d ago