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CG writes: Ubisoft enters the toys to life market with Starlink Battle for Atlas which released on Xbox One, Switch and PS4. To explain briefly, players can purchase a starter pack which includes a starship, pilot, three weapons and a controller mount. Prior to starting the game, players can attach the mount, pilot then place the starship over the top of the pilot and snap it into place. It’s a snug fit and with good reason because the main point with the starter pack is to keep your ship in order and pilot alive. During play, you can swap weapons and wing parts to suit various enemy types who respond to things like Ice Barrage or flame launcher – you get the point.

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Nodoze86d ago

This game is FAR better than I thought it would be. My son is absolutely hooked (as am I). The weapon swaps are awesome. The ship, pilot, and weapon leveling are far deeper than I expected. There is a planet management element with Observatories and the like. All in all HIGHLY recommended.

Also if you are going physical, the toys/pilots/ships are very cool. The LED elements on them are very cool. The key for this is going to become how well Ubisoft supports this long term. I am hopeful there will be a continual stream of content to keep gamers engaged. New missions, enemies, and even ships.

There are so many possibilities for this for tie ins like Ratchet and Clank on PS4, Halo on Xbox, and even 3rd party (Star Wars anyone)....I mean limitless. Congrats to Ubi Toronto on this title, It is clearly a title they poured effort into and it shows.

EddieNX 86d ago

I'm enjoying this on the Switch. There's some things that are irritating me but it's growing on me fast and is pretty good. I got the digital version without toys .

ZeekQuattro86d ago

Fox is playable without the toys right?

EddieNX 86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Yeh if you get the digital version :)
The standard edition comes with all the stuff you'll need to beat the game Including Starfox and the arwing etc.