Bethesda: Fallout 76 Has 150+ Hours of Side Content; Here's Why It Won't Be Chaotic All the Time

According to Bethesda, Fallout 76 has over 150 hours of side content alone. The developers also explained why the gameplay won't always be chaotic.

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Jackhass87d ago

I was expecting it to be a big game, but dang!

Chris_Wray87d ago

Hmm, 150+ hours of side content sounds like a lot but it's how engaging that content is. If it's a lot of copy-pasted caves, etc, then it wont be that engaging. Though Bethesda have always been pretty decent at getting things right.

-Foxtrot87d ago

So basically fetch me this Quest #268

KillZallthebeast87d ago

Another recording needs our help

conanlifts87d ago

Maybe Preston will keep popping up asking you to save people, all because he can't be arsed to do it himself.

letsa_go87d ago

You are basically a glorified ubereats driver in the game haha

King_Noctis87d ago

You have played the game already?

-Foxtrot86d ago

Yeah I have. Destiny, the Division, Wildlands and so on

King_Noctis86d ago

Where is the word “Fallout” in those game?

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ziggurcat87d ago

"Fallout 76 has over 150 hours of side content alone."

I doubt that's true.

codelyoko87d ago

Perhaps this includes collectibles too

KaiPow87d ago

I'm sure crafting will be a major time sink too.

Goldby86d ago

adn reading the quest logs as theres no VO in it

Jinger87d ago

Have you played a Bethesda game? I mean Skyrim has at least 80-100 hours worth of side content considering the main campaign can be beat within like 8 hours.

ziggurcat87d ago

You are free to peruse my trophy list if you feel it's necessary.

I have the platinum trophies for Fallout 3, and 4, and had put in an awful lot of time into New Vegas. I also have the platinum trophy for Skyrim, and the 1000G for Oblivion on X360.

So, yeah... I've played a few Bethesda games. If it's anything like Fallout 4, I don't think that 150 hours equates to 150 hours worth of unique content. I imagine there's an immense amount of the same radiant/fetch quests.

HeyNavi87d ago

I wonder how much of the side content will be respawning fetch quests.

-Foxtrot87d ago

You are not going to get the same quality of quests in Fallout 76 we got in Fallout 3, New Vegas or even Fallout 4

Yes all featured fetch this or kill this quests but there was many which were uniquely crafted and I highly doubt a multiplayer online game following in the footsteps of grindy, repetitive online games such as Destiny or the Division is going to have the same variety.

Fallout 76 will be respawning fetch me this, clear this place or or go kill this quests...hell you might get lucky and you've have some which feature a bit of everything with a big super boss in the end but it's not going to have as much variety, we all know this deep down, I mean the game dosen't even have NPC's so bang goes most of the high quality quests right there.

rainslacker87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I'm usually dubious of high numbers like this. I can respect smaller numbers, because I know it may take me longer because I like to savor the experience. When I hear high numbers though, I always feel like the marketing team is trying to look more impressive than it might actually be.

Usually good games with tons of game play, you don't see them talking about specific time frames for extended content. I don't ever recall seeing this for former FallOut games.

In any case, this is a MP game. Isn't all the content side content? There is no actual campaign is there?

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