Black Ops 4's Blackout Is Battle Royale for People That Hate Fortnite

Call of Duty's Blackout feels like the battle royale genre's homecoming for people that favor PUBG and a simpler FPS style over Fortnite.

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Spurg91d ago

Word I hate Fortnite. I just couldn't be bothered to master building which felt like a cop out when you catch someone off guard.
Blackout is great and encompasses everything great about Battle Royale without catering to silly gimmicks.
The only gripe I have are getting into fights and wasting your armour if they shoot back. You can easily make it through to the top 10 by just sneaking your way to circle with your perfect armour and health.
I think halo is also the perfect recipe for Battle Royale. Everyone will have a shield that Regens which would make getting into an a gunfight an endurance fight instead of who has the better armour and gun. Halo sets everyone at the same level and it all comes down to who is more skilled at using the gun.

UltraNova91d ago

I'm fairly certain that MS has already commissioned a Halo BR mode, far be it for MS to not take advantage of a...sure thing.

Skull52190d ago

I disagree, I’ve been a Halo fan since the first time I landed on the ring and I don’t think battle royale is right for Halo at all. A game based on large scale vehicle combat just doesn’t fit.

UltraNova90d ago

You can disagree my friend as I can remind you of this discussion when MS announces the next Halo and its BR mode :-)

sinspirit91d ago

I think building is a great idea. But, I hated how frantic the building in Fortnite was. I think we need a BR with better pacing and meaningful building mechanics.

I remember playing StarHawk on PS3, and the building was relatively good and not OP. It was mainly to barricade your base, But, if not, you couldn't simply keep building over and over and over. You had to earn it by gathering points from certain areas and by taking it from players.

Sony literally just needs to combine ideas from KillZone, MAG, Starhawk/Warhawk, and Resistance into a MP title. They could do typical MP modes, horde modes, and BR with traits from all these titles. They were the ones pushing for large player count in the first place.

Spurg90d ago

Sony this gen hasn't even attempted a mutiplayer game and they've not been able to find success in that department.
Btw, didn't Sony shut down the zipper interactive who made MAG and Socom and also lightBox(warhawk and Starhawk) ended their contract with Sony and soon after laid off some of their workers. They are now an iOS developer.
And do you really want Guerrilla games to focus on Killzone BT instead of games like Horizon zero Dawn or other new IP.
Insomniac has had Mediocre success with the Resistance games and their only venture with that series that we could call a success(not sales but quality) was Resistance 3 which had a heavy emphasis on story. You also won't see Sony bringing that game back since Sony fans didn't buy the last game and most importantly insomniac have their hands full with Spiderman.
It's very clear from the closure of also all of their multiplayer focused studios that Sony isn't interested in creating any compelling multiplayer experiences. So your dream of a crazy amalgamation of different game and just a dream.

sinspirit90d ago


Their major studios have two large teams to create multiple IP's at one time. And, sometimes a smaller third team for small titles and managing a few updates for big titles.

They aren't giving up on KZ. I imagine they would explore new MP ventures eventually, just as they went big on their first single player driven title

CorndogBurglar90d ago

Surviving until the top 10 by sneaking around is just a part of BR.

The few times I played Fortnite that is exactly what I did. I just went from building to building and avoided everyone I saw. Collected armor and guns and hid. I actually made it to the top 5 every match I played.

BR is overrated.

Spurg90d ago

"The few times I played Fortnite that is exactly what I did. I just went from building to building and avoided everyone I saw. Collected armor and guns and hid. I actually made it to the top 5 every match I played."
Yeah but you are supposed to win it not come in the top 5.
Different is you can stack up on shields in fornite and getting into fights isn't too much of an issue but in blackout you have to be vigilant about how you go about picking your fights and it being worth losing armor over it.

CorndogBurglar90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I understand you are supposed to win it. I was addressing your point that you can make it to the top 5 of pretty much any BR game by sneaking around and avoiding fights. In fact, that's kind of the smart thing to do.

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execution1791d ago

I just wish there was a no building mode on fortnite 🙄 no fun going up against master builders

nowitzki200491d ago

People build but most of the time the person with better aim/loot will still win the fight lol

Spurg90d ago

Nope it's all about gaining the higher ground by building and picking people off.
And aiming well obviously is integral to winning but all of that come to a end once someone turns and builds a wall and their guard is up.
I can master building but that would take time
and I don't have that. I rather master my shooting skills in Blackout.

nowitzki200489d ago

Spurg I dont build, just wait until they show their face lol

Kumakai91d ago

100%. It’s what I’ve been waiting for. Don’t like the cartoonish style of fortnite.

TheColbertinator91d ago

The mode is alright apart from the last segment with the Zombies. After that I got annoyed that they included those too.

PhantomS4291d ago

It's still a tacked on and soulless Battle Royale...I don't like Fortnite and didn't need to see too much of footage from this half-baked mode to know it's also garbage.

Newmanator91d ago

Wah, I'm going to complains about a game I've never played or owned because I'll be one of the cool kids for hating on COD, wah.

spicelicka90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I've played it. It's definitely fun but a blatant recycle of the last black ops. If you think it's actually worth $70 then you don't have much of an imagination. While other franchises make big noticeable improvements all this game did was replace the campaign with a BR mode and repackaged it.

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