God of War Director Cory Barlog to Deliver PAX South 2019 Keynote

PAX South has announced that God of War Director Cory Barlog will be delivering the 2019 Keynote to fans and media at the show.

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dRanzer85d ago

One of the best games ever made
The production is just in another level

Garethvk85d ago

Plus they are hiring now for what may be the next game in the series for the next system.

PapaBop85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

He's going to walk into that speech with one hell of a swagger after the job he did with God of War. I never knew him by name beforehand eventhough I'm a fan of the games he's worked on but after God of War, I'm a huge fan and rank him alongside the likes of Kojima.

Garethvk85d ago

I think this is great as South is mainly Indies so the more AAA content they have the better.

Jinger85d ago

I wonder if his Keynote will announce that he is going back to his GoW 2&3 badass self.

Jinger85d ago

Is he tho? That's debatable

UCForce85d ago

He is. You just being way too into nostalgia. It’s like you being listened to GamingBritish and few others on YouTube. Of course, you going to say they are more right than me which I won’t argue. But it’s just that you forcing him to go back and to do what you please. God of War 2018 was successful game and it was my favorite game. This new God Of War formula did well and they can improve it in the sequel.

Jinger85d ago

I'm not saying it's not successful or that it's not a good game, I just enjoyed the old style more. BUT there are still a handful of criticisms that I really do hope he addresses in the sequel, which I'm sure he will.

UCForce85d ago

@Jinger And he will. It’s just that you just being too doubtful on his talent.

Jinger85d ago

We will see. I'm doubtful because he shook up what I loved about GoW. He created 2 games of some of my favorite boss fights in gaming, and then he delivered a Norse GoW with some of the weakest by the books boss fights I have seen.

UCForce84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

@Jinger That’s your opinion and minority one. You really need to stop being nostalgia too much. It’s not helping.

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Vizigoth0485d ago

Story Time? How about some deep novelty in how Kratos and Faye met and how she died? I'm ready.

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