7 Stupid Features Gamers Paid For that Should Have Been Free

Author writes "Microtransactions and DLC are part and parcel with the games industry these days, but some publishers just can't help themselves when it comes to monetizing what should be basic game features."

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Ciporta198090d ago

Everything you don't get when you pay full price for a game.

specialagent453289d ago

Map editors on console games, free unlockables, and mini games

Anorexorcist89d ago

Exactly. It just doesn't pay off to buy games relatively soon anymore, let alone at launch. The last game I bought at launch was MGS5 The Phantom Pain and that was just because I wanted the collector's edition with the replica of Snake's bionic arm (and from what I've read, the Blu-Ray that comes with that edition features additional content that isn't in the full game, so that is another benefit).

It feels so much better to just wait about a year or so until an inevitable "Gold Edition" or "GOTY Edition" comes out with all the extras, yet at half the cost at the most. Thankfully, my back catalog is so packed with games like Dad of War, Final Fantasy 15 Royal Edition (which is a case-in-point to what I posted above) and Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, that with upcoming blockbusters like Red Dead Redemption 2, it won't be a test in patience for me to wait about a year from now to buy it RDR2 with any and all dlc included.

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PhantomPillow90d ago

Paying for a save slot is really low.

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