Best PS4 Exclusives, All 35 Major Titles Ranked

Author writes "It's time to count down the best PS4 exclusives, ranking each major title in order according to how we think they line up. This one is bound to divide opinion, so strap in.

This list includes console exclusive as well as platform exclusive PS4 titles."

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affrogamer91d ago

LOL Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn and Spider-Man are great games but they're definitely not better than God of War. The only PS4 exclusive that's arguably better than GOW is Bloodborne.

basilboxer91d ago

God of War is overrated af.

AspiringProGenji91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Disagree. GoW has earned its score and hype. It is an awesome game. Overrated my ass... now if anyone wants to debate whether GoW is the best PS4 exclusive or not then go ahead. I think it is the top PS4 exclusive yet as well

yellowgerbil91d ago

While I agree mortal kombat is a good game, I'd have to say donkey Kong is the best game ever

CarlDechance91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

LOL. It is getting salty in here.

NecrumOddBoy91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Late entry perhaps but Astrobot Rescue Mission is not on here and it should be (no VR games are sadly). That game is in my top 10 for sure. It's the best VR title I have ever played.

rainslacker91d ago

God of War far exceeded my expectations, and I had fairly high expectations for it.


I actually think Horizon has been my favorite game of this gen so far.

DerekTweed90d ago

It's a good game. It's a little overrated. But it's all about personal opinion. Mine is that it is better than Spiderman but not as good as Persona 5.

Dragonscale90d ago

Gow makes certain fanboys salty af. @krib agreeing, so edgy lol.

90d ago
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SegaGamer91d ago

So what you are saying is that this person can't have a different opinion than you?

Eonjay91d ago

No he is saying he has a different opinion. So what you are saying is that affrogamer can't have a different opinion than this person?

gangsta_red91d ago

Bloodborne is definitely in a class of its own, agreed that it is the number one exclusive game on PS4.

Persona 5 would be next right after Bloodborne.

SickSinceSix91d ago

Would it? It was on PS3 too so it's not exclusive to PS4

gangsta_red91d ago

"was on PS3 too so it's not exclusive to PS4"

The article is saying console/platform as well.

Kribwalker91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

if that was the case, bloodbourne wouldn’t count as well as you no longer need a PS4 to play that one. I’d say the list is saying console/platform exclusive like red suggests

Srhalo91d ago

Stealth trolling at it's finest... way to pick games not manufactured by Sony Unsurprising to find Kribwalker in on the act.

Kribwalker91d ago


I’m agreeing with it being on this list, just like i agree with xbox games like Forza Horizon 4 being considered exclusive. If it’s not on another console, then it’s a console exclusive game. But so many people don’t feel that way, which is why a game like bloodbourne that’s been added to PC wouldn’t be considered exclusive anymore to those people. At least if they weren’t being hypocritical that is

CarlDechance91d ago

I'm sorry, but any list of PS4 exclusives with input from gansta_red and Kribwalker? you guys think you are fooling anyone? You are not.

gangsta_red91d ago


Why is it always the semi-freshly new accounts that seem to always have the same grudges with me and Krib.

" you guys think you are fooling anyone? You are not."

The fact that me saying Bloodborne and Persona 5 are my favorites would even get you two upset just shows how big of fools you actually are.

Kribwalker91d ago

“I'm sorry, but any list of PS4 exclusives with input from gansta_red and Kribwalker? you guys think you are fooling anyone? You are not”

My favourite Ps4 exclusive this gen is Until dawn. I feel god of war and Horizon zero dawn were overrated and i would put until dawn above those. I’d also put Shadow of the colossus above both of those too, and i’m not a big fan of super japanese games, but bought that on a whim and thouroughly enjoyed it earlier this year. I haven’t played spider-man yet but i will at some point this year.

What are your favourite ps4 games Carl? I haven’t seen you on this site for too long so i don’t know how you feel.

notachance90d ago

you're goddamn right, Bloodborne #1 and P5 #2

DerekTweed90d ago

My favourite PS4 exclusives are mostly not made by Sony's studios.

Persona 5

Although God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn were good, not as good as above.

I hate Soulsborne games and Uncharted and The Last of Us, I didn't like.

trouble_bubble90d ago

I don’t see how Until Dawn could be anyone’s goat. Played it again on Plus. Isn’t aging well. Detroit is objectively better. Better story, better butterfly effect, better characters, better ch select, better gameplay, better audio, better mocap.

Get shadow of collosus off that list. It came out thirteen years ago and has been remastered twice

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Flewid63891d ago (Edited 91d ago )

OG God of War was great.

This new one was better acted with a better plot, but in no way had the best gameplay of all games in existence. lol

But Bloodborne is your standard so nevermind.

91d ago
zaherdab91d ago

You aew entitled to your opinion but i disagree

Vizigoth0491d ago

Everyone's top favorite list is subjective. No one is right or wrong about their opinion. The fact is we all have the chance to play the PlayStation exlusives that we like. And in whatever order we want.

Brazz91d ago

Bloodborne is a [email protected]#[email protected] amazing exclusive, but GoW is N°1 on my list.

BigTrain91d ago

What about Horizon Zero Dawn?

bluefox75591d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Even though it's a very different type of game, I'd put persona 5 with gow. Imagine my shock to see that krib agrees with OP though, lol.

Kribwalker90d ago

played it. put in 40+ hours. Really good game, but i don’t agree with a 94 meta critic. I’d say it’s a more 85-87 rated game. I wouldn’t put it at number 1. But that’s what’s great about opinions

90d ago
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FTLmaster91d ago

Good list, though I’d put Bloodborne at number one ;)

robtion91d ago

Agreed. No game this gen has consumed my time like Bloodborne did.

SegaGamer91d ago

Death's Gambit, Everybody's gone to the Rapture, Street Fighter V, Nex Machina, Nioh, Ni No Kuni 2, these are not PS4 exclusives, they were all released on PC.

Resogun and Persona 5 aren't PS4 exclusives either.

AspiringProGenji91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Resogun and perdona 5 have not released on any other platform 🙄

Nyxus91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Persona 5 is also on PS3.

SegaGamer91d ago

Resogun is on the PS3 and Vita and Persona 5 is on the PS3.

AspiringProGenji91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Oh righ! I am sure at this time when the PS3 has been discontinued everyone will consider those versions when talking about the PS4. Pfff

Shadow01791d ago

That's interesting that Persona 5 isn't considered an exclusive. Is Zelda Breath of the Wild not considered an exclusive as well? Since it's available switch and Wii U? I'm genuinely curious.

SegaGamer91d ago


I don't know what everybody else's opinion is, but my opinion is that Breath of the Wild isn't a Switch exclusive. If it's released on another console, pc or mobile, then it's not an exclusive.

SegaGamer91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

This site is laughable. I say certain games aren't PS4 exclusives and get a bunch of disagree's, then I say exactly the same thing about Breath of the Wild and get a bunch of agree's. Then they agree with people who actually say things that are incorrect, like what AspiringProGenji has written.

There are so many idiots on this site.

LightofDarkness90d ago

This place is an echo chamber for petty, small minded fanboys. Pay them no heed. They're incapable of having a rational thought, let alone an interesting discussion.

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SegaGamer91d ago

They have updated it now, but originally it only said PS4 exclusive.

doggo8491d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Still exclusive to the PS platform.

Elda91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

All those games are definitely a PS4 & a PlayStation platform "gaming console" exclusives may they be on a PS4,PS3 or a PSVita.None of those games can be played on an XBO a Switch or any other gaming console. PC is not a gaming console.

SinkingSage90d ago

But it can be a gaming system so... Not exclusive.

rob-GP90d ago

They say Platform exclusive though in the summary above. A summary that hasn't changed or been edited since uploading it. By that, I imagine they are saying the PlayStation platform. As in, you can't get persona 5 or Resogun outside of a PlayStation officially.

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Kashima91d ago ShowReplies(4)
capjacksparrow91d ago

It's all opinion anyway, but GoW should definitely be a bit higher, just based on sales and Metascore. My personal top 5 would have GoW at number one, Persona 5, Uncharted 4, Horizon, Spider-Man. I'm not a big Souls-Borne guy (not difficulty related, but the way the story is told just doesn't grip me), that being said, it's definitely one of the best games in the PS4's stable.

Felix_Argyle_Catbro90d ago

Sales have nothing to do with the quality of the product. Or are you saying that every Call of Duty and Fifa should be in the "Top best games of the year" lists?

capjacksparrow90d ago

When taking into account where an exclusive ranks, I'd place sales after quality, though it still has an effect on where it ranks on the exclusive charts. Are they all that matter? No. Are sales more important? No.