Red Dead Redemption 2 Preview - Game of The Year 2018 in Waiting? | MGL

With the Red Dead Redemption 2 release date approaching, Rossco looks at all the content coming in Rockstar's latest adventure and debates if this is going to be GOTY or even one of the best ever.

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Profchaos90d ago (Edited 90d ago )


TGGJustin90d ago

God of War will have something to say about that.

pietro121290d ago

It'll be a close one, but RDR2 will take the win.

UltraNova90d ago

Of course the multiplatform game will get the GotY award...not that RDR2 wont deserve it (probably) but lets be real.

Ezio204890d ago

@ultranova yeah the same way Uncharted 4 and The last of us and uncharted 2 were goty. Exclusives have won most goty in a year a lot of times.

King_Noctis90d ago


If that the case then explain why games like BOTW got GOTY.

UltraNova90d ago

@both Ezio and king

Are we really discussing why RDR2, the most hyped game in recent memory, a multiplatform at that, stands to win GotYA over an exclusive (no matter how damn good it is)?

Listen, I loved GoW, its my GotY hands down and I'd take games like it over any open world games out there any day, any time but I cant pretend that RDR2 isn't massively more popular and the fact that gaming awards lean towards popular opinion. And truth is RDR2 is the more popular game this year, by far, just like U2, tLoU(yeah even more than GTAV thr same year just on accolades alone) and U4 were when they released.

King_Noctis89d ago


So you are saying RDR2 will win because it is a more “popular” game while ignoring that it could also be a better game with more content and gameplay than GoW? And we all know you would pick Gow over RDR2 because it is a Sony exclusive.

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Profchaos90d ago

I'm a fan of the game but let's be realistic it's rockstar if anyone can compete against Sony it's Rockstar. All the previews indicate this will be a bar raiser more so than v was

spicelicka90d ago

Not Sony, Santa Monica*. At least we already know both games will be nominees for sure.

sagapo90d ago

No doubt it will be my GOTY, don’t see how Rockstar would screw this up.

Ceaser985736190d ago

God of war is my #1 game at the moment but i have a feeling RED DEAD 2 will surpass it... Happy for both and Happy that i get to play all this on my PS4 PRO.. Including Spiderman..

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