It's true, Red Dead Redemption 2 has two discs (but you only need one to play the full game)

Retail images confirm Red Dead Redemption 2 comes with a separate data disc and play disc.

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PhantomS4288d ago

That sounds insane in this day and age. Wonder if this is going to be the first of many until next generation hits or if this is the only one we see. Guessing we'll see more before next gen.

sprinterboy88d ago

No we won't see anymore this gen, maybe cyber punk, that's all. What's insane about 1 game being 2 discs?

TheColbertinator88d ago


Remember the PS1 days of 4 separate discs?

MrBobSugar88d ago

Hell, I remember playing FF games that had 5 or six disks.

smashley88d ago

Because there havent been any games since ps1 that have come on 2 discs.

nowitzki200487d ago


So my guess is you started gaming this gen? There was some last gen lol

mogwaii87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

The fact that it's the first one and near the end of this gens life.
It hasn't happened before so it shows just how dense this game is.

wtf087d ago (Edited 87d ago )

@MrBobSugar wtf are you talking about there were no ff games than spanned more than 4 discs..

@smashley Xbox 360 had several rpgs that spanned multiple discs. ( Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon just off the top of my head )

darthv7287d ago

panzer dragoon saga on 4 discs.. such memories.

Skull52187d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Well that explains the disc shortage, gotta use 2 discs for every one copy of the game. Another victory for digital.

one2thr87d ago

How is that a victory for digital, when there are data caps?

Also installing directly from a physical medium is going to be a lot quicker than online installation.

And on top of that, there isn't a market for used digital titles, well at least not to my knowledge.

Or did I fail at sarcasm?

In that case remember /s

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rainslacker88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I'm actually surprised we haven't seen more. last gen was already pushing the standard BR limit. UC3 was something like 39GB...of 46.6GB available. UC4 was 48GB on the install, although not sure how big on disc. Gears of War 4 is 54GB. And games keep getting bigger. Wasn't Forza Horizon 4 something like a 90GB or something for download?

Anyhow, there is a lot of compression for the disc version, compared to the digital versions...for some unknown reason....but there is a limit on how far you can compress data, and the media content is what takes up most of the space, and is the least compressible.

I am kind of curious if some games this gen were released on 100GB discs, and R* just decided to not do that for some reason.

Imortus_san87d ago

Gears of War 4 is 100GB with the Updates and XoneX enhanced patch, GTA 5 is 100GB, Halo 5 100 GB, soo many games that are gigantic.

They can't release 100GB discs since the PS4 can't read them, maybe next gen when PS5 is also 4K Blu Ray drive and is ready to read 200Gb discs.

ChrisW87d ago

The only reason why those games are so big is because of redundant texturing -- something that consoles are notorious for.

rainslacker87d ago (Edited 87d ago )


I can see a reason for doing redundant texturing on the disc, if the game read from the disc. But they don't, and there is no benefit to doing that for a game that runs off a hard drive.


All bluray diodes can theoretically read all of the theoretical or available on the format. May need a firmware release to work though.

That being said, it still doesn't remove my surprise that we haven't seen more games the don't fit on a single disc this gen, as we were pushing the limit.last gen, and games are obviously bigger this gen

Also, isn't the recent forza horizon still 90gb day one? Not including any patches one?

Imortus_san87d ago

Insane are games that you buy fisical but they dont work because you have to download 20~60gb data so they can work (COD and many more) because when the servers go down those games became usesless since they will never work again without the extra download.

darthv7287d ago

That is what I fear will happen. I believe the BO4 disc only contains part of the game data and you have to dl the bulk of the rest. something like 5gb on disc and 50gb download because the full game install is 54-55gb in size.

It could be the publishers way to drive people to buying the digital version by limiting the amount of data on the physical disc. if more people switch to digital, they wont have to pay for physical copies to be made. no packaging or production costs.

Shuckylad87d ago

Back in my old Amiga days I remember monkey island 2 and Indiana Jones Atlantis being on like 12 discs!! I swapped discs as much as I clicked the mouse.

nirwanda87d ago

Still it was much better than rewinding side two of a tape deck on a spectrum, then loading each level for about 15mins then pausing the tape hopefully in time,if it didn't crash anyway.

PhantomS4287d ago

Yeah, I grew up on multiple discs too and it wasn't too long ago that all the disagreeing hypocrites were throwing a fit because late gen games last gen had multiple discs on 360 at least. We're past that so yes it is shocking to see a game with multiple discs and I'm sure there are more to come.

doughnutsfan87d ago

ppl saying this hasn't happened since ps1, Xbox 360 would like a word (remember lost odyssey?)

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RememberThe35788d ago

Pathetic? That's the word that came to mind? Are you saying they should have worked harder to make the game smaller?

playnice88d ago

Maybe he is saying people should download instead? No idea. As per me I am glad not to have to download any of the game over my shitty internet and I will gladly free up 100 GB for a game of this caliber! :)

Spurg88d ago

How??? You rather download it.
I'm quite relieved it's 2 discs as I don't have to download it as soon as I insert the disk.

Baza88d ago

Rockstar made 100GB game and Blu-ray technology can’t keep up. A BR daul layer disc only holds 50GB. Most games fit on a daul layer disc. RDR2 is double the size. And that’s pathetic...

KwietStorm88d ago

You sound just as silly as the first guy

TheUndertaker8588d ago (Edited 88d ago )

There are discs with larger capacities such as those found in 4K Blu-Ray discs. Their caps are dependent on the drive.

All PS4 models and launch model Xbox Ones have drives that support below 100GB. Xbox One S and One X can support larger discs.

rainslacker88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Quite a few games have released this gen which are over the actual 46GB capacity of a dual layer BR drive. Some quite a bit more. Gears of War was quite large, and I don't think they could manage to compress all that down to half the size on disc. Quantum Break broke 100GB, and all those movies were only compressed to standard codec limits.

Surely, someone out there will know if there are any current gen game Disc rip images out there which break the size available on a dual layer BR drive. I would guess that Uncharted:The Nathan Drake collection would be a strong candidate, since the total of the original games would be quite high....much less the improved version having to be bigger.

That being said, BR tech is forward compatible. Since it's release last gen, the spec allowed for a theoretical availability of 200GB. It wasn't until more recently that 100GB discs became available for production though, but it is available, so its keeping up well enough.

Artemidorus88d ago

Stick to yearly overated pc mods at full retail.

Dizzy1152388d ago

And there will still be a HUGE DAY 1 PATCH.

King_Noctis88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

You are free to not buy this game you know. Actually, I would be more than happy if you never go near this game at all.

bigc07200487d ago

Quit b*tching dude. Holy sh**. The game's not even out yet, and so far, 2 morons complain about how many discs it has...PATHETIC.

King_Noctis88d ago

Yeah why shouldn’t they just cut out contents to fit one disk? (Ask no one ever).

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franwex88d ago

Next gen will probably use the newer higher capacity Blu-ray drives, so this is probably something that we are only going to see towards the end of this gen.
I was wondering which was gonna be the 1st game to require 2 discs this gen. Now we know.

playnice88d ago

I don't think there was a single PS3 game that required one last gen although the X360 had plenty? Either super happy I won't have to download 50 GB of data!

franwex88d ago

They can also use tricks to keep it all on 1 disc. Halo 5s multiplayer was not included on disc, one had to install an update, but since multiplayer is online anyway-it is assumed that people who play online have reliable internet.

jerethdagryphon88d ago

0 ps3 games has 2 discs unless you count bonus stuff like soundtracks and such

playnice88d ago

@mkis007 360 did have an HD-DVD optionnal player for movies... but that's not worth mentionning lmao :P

playnice88d ago

@franwex I do miss one Xbox 360 feature and that is the ability to play most games without any lengthy installation required! I remember even digital games were download and play rather than download, install and then play :)

rainslacker88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

The only one I recall coming close was UC3. It was 39GB.

Anyhow, for most games, they were mostly multi-plat, and most were built to fit on DVD's, since that's what MS had. It's often speculated that FFXIII was scaled back because it went multi-plat, and it would make sense given how barren the game became almost instantly, where you'd expect to see more content.

I don't think there were any 3rd party exclusive titles that were on a scale as large as UC3, and UC3 was Sony's largest game of last gen.

darthv7287d ago (Edited 87d ago )

KZ trilogy is on 2 discs with KZ1 & 2 on the first and KZ3 on the 2nd.

If they can fit the Nathan Drake collection on one disc then they could have fit the KZ trilogy on one as well. but then again, PS3 discs were designed to play direct (with some partial install) while PS4 is install only (so there is likely compression).

Jrios35587d ago

I believe the only games on PS3 that required 2 discs were collections like the Killzone Trilogy, and the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection. But again, those were collections and not games by themselves.

Tody_ZA87d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots required multiple discs on PS3 with installations between Acts. But that's because Hideo Kojima went overboard and used uncompressed sound in addition to the game having ridiculous graphics. Legend, he is.

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sprinterboy88d ago

I think cyber punk maybe 2 discs aswel but I can't think of any other future games. Death stranding maybe?

DarXyde88d ago

I'm doubting that for Death Stranding.

It would be pretty neat if The Last of Us Part II was, but I don't expect this at all.

iplay1up288d ago

They are currently working on new tech for that. Because 8K TVs are coming and storage on a bluray disks wont cut it.

Personally, I like Nintendos idea. SD cards are coming down in price, and they are much faster than Disks.

badz14988d ago

100GB bluray is still so much cheaper than a SD card will ever be

snake-OO87d ago

no game actually reads off the disc, they are all read of HDD

Sirk7x87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

There is no mass market for 8K TVs anytime soon lol. Predictions are that by 2020 about half of people in the US will have 4K displays, compared to the 80 percent that already own smart phones. By the time 8K TVs are the norm companies won't be producing physical media anymore at all lol. Many publishers aren't even bringing their movies to 4K blu rays because people aren't buying them. And why would they when streaming has all but taken over? It'll be the same for gaming one day as well. Google is running the Project Stream beta right now, and I can stream AC: Odyssey at 1080p 60FPS on my five year old laptop with no noticeable input lag. It's crazy.

LucasRuinedChildhood88d ago

Physical disk it is. I'd like to get to play the game before New Years

UnHoly_One88d ago


I'm not sure how this info confirms your choice to go physical.

You're going to have to sit through the install for all of that.

My digital order is already installed and will be playable the instant it goes live.

akurtz88d ago

It’s great that the pre download is a week before so! But I like my physical copies. Ultimate edition here

franwex88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

You have to take the good with the bad. I like digital also, but i also see the downsides. Just as you can start playing on the instant it goes live, they can prevent you from playing it in the future too.
I like to know that I own the 1st multi disc game of the gen. After all you only install the game once anyway.

sprinterboy88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Digital also, after the pre load I'm going to click the rdr2 icon Friday morning b4 I goto work to do any other updates and I'll be set for when I finish work @4, off till Monday night then

nucky6488d ago

not for me- i live out of town and internet isn't that fast - i'd be waiting days to play if i went digital (and i'm counting the preload week) - using the data disc to install doesn't take that long.

LucasRuinedChildhood88d ago

I currently live in the countryside with a 5MB download speed. God help me. If I ever delete the game (storage management - games come and go) and then wanted to reinstall it on a whim, well, that would be madness on my part. For a game as big as this which is bound to get huge updates as well, the physical disk will make life a bit easier for me.

I've actually shifted to buying most games digitally now but this game, well .... it suffers from data obesity.

JackBNimble88d ago

I keep hearing things like " they will take your digital copy away".
Why would they do that? I have been buying digital ever since you could buy digital, and I have never had a single game taken away buy any publisher or dev.
In fact even the games that the license expired I can still redownload.

So what games on console have ever been blocked by a publisher on console, other than obviously online only?

franwex88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I don’t own any games that have been blocked either. But I do own games that once I delete I can no longer get on my Wii. So if it dies I lost some virtual console games, by I can still play the disc Wii games-even if my original system dies.
Again I’m not agains digital, otherwise I wouldn’t have downloaded the games. But I see the risks too.
I believe there has been instances reported where one couldn’t play games that were downloaded. But I don’t think it was for consoles.

iplay1up288d ago

I know, I was reading comments, and people were acting like the physical disk would allow immediate play.

JackBNimble88d ago

I don't know any about the Wii, but everything I have ever bought threw psn has always been there no matter if the license has expired or not.

Sirk7x87d ago

I think he's implying he might get low download speeds.

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sampsonon88d ago

I'm glad i switched to digital games.

Araragifeels 88d ago

RDR2 digitally is 149 GB while physically is just 99GB with 2 disc. Plus once Red Dead Online is released is probably even more so digitally is always good unless you buy more TB.

DarkZane88d ago

The game is only 99 GB digitally. The extra 50GB needed is only to unpack files. You get those 50 GB back once the game is installed. Game once installed is the exact same size physical and digital.

I got it digitally because it took me less time to download it and install it than it would have taken to actually install it from disc.

sampsonon88d ago

so? even if it's 200G i will have about 250G left to play most MP games. I won't be playing any other single player games once RDR2 comes out. I always hear this argument and i never understood it.

I play one game at a time when it's a game like Spider- Man , God Of War, and Red Dead 2.