Inside Every Gamer, There's a Little Fanboy

Ripten: "Liberal. Conservative. Fanboy.

These words have taken on new meanings in the age of internet and anonymous hate-spamming. And, just like pundits and politicos, gamers have their preferred warhorse.

But when you show your support for a system you instantly become "fanboy," and are likely to get a face full of flamer comments within minutes. People get defensive. People get offensive. And most frequently, they degenerate into juvenile debates that go a lot like playground calls of "my dad can beat up your dad." Sure, its never going to happen, its just that people really like to be assholes to each other.

But you already knew this, if you have any internet proficiency. So lets ask the question, what is a fanboy, and is it really so bad to be one?"

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Nostradavis4272d ago

Yes, but the question remains, which eye is your favorite? :D

gumgum994271d ago


just say you like them all. lol

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gumgum994271d ago

as much as I may prefer the playstation brand, I find the Xbox eye to look the coolest(must be the color). The wii one is an "if" for me; mainly because I can barely see the Wii logo.

Product4271d ago

i thought the ps3 color was red?..why is the middle guys eyes dark grey?