Dragon Quest XI Review: The Best JRPG for Enthusiasts Today – Pokde

If you have been developing a thirst for a good JRPG / RPG, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is said to be one of the best around.

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uGLYmE92d ago

I'm about 120 hours into it with harder enemies enabled. I'm having a blast!

rivaldoo77792d ago

In not sure if I will play my second playthrough but defo the first playthrough was phenomenal!!!

parris92d ago

DQ XI is my GOTY, you can really see how much love and work was put into the game. All the monsters and a super detailed animations, the length of the story and all the side stuff like crafting which was really fun and useful without being tedious.

Unfortunately it won't win and GOTY because for whatever reason Japanese games seem to be excluded from winning that award.

nondescriptcitizen92d ago

the story is hardly epic, not sure why the love,

LG_Fox_Brazil92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

It gets much more epic and has a very, VERY, deep meaning in the end. Won't spoil it, but finish the game and you are in for many surprises

overrated4492d ago

I mean, you have to play it for more than 5 hours before the story really starts to pick every other Dragon Quest game.

LG_Fox_Brazil92d ago

Just got the platinum, amazing game. Worth every penny