New Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Leaked

New gameplay of Rockstar Games’s highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 has leaked. The gameplay shows off the game’s graphics, and reveals the design of the new weapon wheel. The player dismounts his horse before shooting nearby NPCs and gaining a Wanted level.


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DarkVoyager1797d ago

Looks amazing. All 24 seconds of it.

Thunder_G0d_Bane1797d ago

Cant wait!

booked off fri and mon so i get a long weekend with this game.

Then when Red Dead online launches im booking a week off for that.

adonisisfree1796d ago

Not that serious dude. Its just a game

fiveby91796d ago

Well I didn't book any time off but I will be playing Friday at some point after work. I can't watch any videos. At this point, I'm just waiting for the game to drop.

Army_of_Darkness1796d ago

Looks great! But definitely not worth wasting my vacation days off for it.

No Way1796d ago

Just take some sick days. o.O Wednesday I start acting differently at work.. Kinda mopey, not talking much. "Sorry, I just aint feeling too good.." Friday, call off.

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angelsx1797d ago

Looks better then any of the trailers

Forn1796d ago

Good Lord it looks incredible. Those animations, and just how intense and believable it felt when he fired off his pistols. And the way the horses reacted to it. Goodness.

Mulletino1796d ago

Pretty perfect leak, great quality, gave a few details from pausing video, and no spoilers. Great example of gun fight.

JackBNimble1796d ago

I also booked Friday off, games pre-downloaded and ready to go.

Crazyglues1796d ago

@ JackBNimble

Booked Friday and Monday, something like this is going to take some days to really get into to, I hope that's going to be enough time.. LoL

Games looking amazing..

mark_parch1796d ago

I've booked the whole of next week off. Not specifically for this game but it did play a big part and I will putting in some serious hours

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Marcello1797d ago

Blimey who leaked this the CIA ? KGB ? must of been a suicide mission.

Crazyglues1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


People if you missed it because you woke up late... Here you go......-----> https://streamable.com/h86d...

I got you...

Crazyglues1796d ago


Your welcome player, I try....

Cmv381797d ago

Leaks on the week of release are a lot less effective imo

thedr9041797d ago

Shows how good Rockstar is at security

doggo841797d ago

That honestly looks too good to be true!

JackBNimble1796d ago

Well get ready for it to knock your socks out off, and the AI is going to be game changing.

doggo841796d ago

Lol why did I get so many disagrees? This game is going to be incredible! Thanks for the heads up ;)