The Misunderstanding of Quantum Break

Quantum Break: highly anticipated, but a disappointment upon release. However, could it be that Quantum Break is simply misunderstood?

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Jinger85d ago

I really liked the game... not so much the live action show they shoved in.

HeyNavi85d ago

Agreed. The show completely killed the flow of the game.

nibblo85d ago

The first episode was cringey but it got better as it went but yeah they could have got rid of it and I wouldn't have cared. Really enjoyed the actual game though.

rainslacker85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Game was good enough. Nothing amazing, but worth a play through. The story probably would have been more tolerable if it was spread out a little better. Otherwise, it was a fairly generic sci-fi story, and IMO, video game stories have progressed beyond that. The fact it was presented in a way that completely broke the pacing of the game is pretty good reason to think that it was done wrong.

I know when people criticized the presentation of the story, I was incredulous at the people who just suggested that you skip it if you were upset about it. Seems completely contrary to why people play story based games.

Wotbot85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

Really liked the game, a good story and some really great gaming aspects, it had too much negative focus on resolution from the gaming press and community, Shame really

shaenoide85d ago

stupid story stupid flow ruined by a dull action show

AK9185d ago

They released at time when people still hadn't gotten over the whole friend sharing thing, and had just recently made their console $399 from the previous $499. MS had so much badwill that I don't think any new IP they released during that time period would've sold well.

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