Anthem Melee Build Confirmed by BioWare, Here's a Look at the Revive Screen

Did you know that an Anthem melee build is also in the cards? This was confirmed by BioWare! Check out the revive screen too!

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Sniperwithacause87d ago

Looks like it will be fun with friends, but boring playing solo.

excaliburps87d ago

Which is the case with most "live services" games. Sucks for me since I usually play solo. :(

Sam Fisher87d ago

Then make friends, rarely anyone bites and if they do, release them and get new friends

No Way86d ago

If they bite... send them my way, ;)

Laezur87d ago

This looks great so far, not sure it can replace my love for Destiny but I will give it a good go!

slate9187d ago

I prefer melee builds when I create characters so this is pretty good news. Still going to wait for reviews on this one. I need a great story or there wont be much here for me.