Tekken 7 Sells 3 Million Copies, Series Total Up To 47 Million

Katsuhiro Harada: “Celebration illustration. TEKKEN7 had achieved Over 3million sales before one year passed from release, but there was no timing to upload this (That’s why there is no Anna, Lei..). We recorded over 47million copies sales for the series. Thanks for supporting us!"

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MoshA86d ago

3 characters for one season pass lmao. And I thought Injustice 2 was a cash grab. So happy this didn't won fighting GOTY of 2017. Soul Calibur 6 looks exactly the same, Bandai really loves making quick buck with unreal engine 4.

VTKC85d ago

they lied as well. I remember them saying there wasnt going to be any DLC. But now we are on Season F in 2 of season passes.

AK9186d ago

It deserves more sales but 3 mil is pretty impressive.

Mekami8686d ago

I been playen Tekken since T3 and I honestly think 7 is the best one since 5 or tag2 it is a solid game even tho my all time fav Charecter "Bruce" isn't in the damn game..

tucky85d ago

Despite the graphisms ... More and more photorealism is awful in current gen fighting games. I disliked tekken 7 for that reason. The best Tekken Will Always be tekken 3

VTKC85d ago

I dislike the whole "bounce them on the ground and carry on the combo juggle", Tekken3 had it just right. I wish we could go back to Tekken 3 fighting engine with todays graphical enhancements. Oh and the music. Tekken 3 Music is still the best of all Tekkens.

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