Dark Souls on Switch is a current-gen port with last-gen visuals

Developer Virtuos crafts a unique port for Switch with its own pros and cons. At its basis, this is the original 360/PS3 version of the game with none of the visual embellishments seen in the PS4 remaster - besides the change to a dynamic 1080p while docked. However there's more to this version than first meets the eye, as Tom explains.

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MrSwankSinatra30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

You know what i'm actually gonna buy this, the fact that the switch version retains the last gen visuals instead of that horrendous garbage visuals that namco did with the remaster on the pc and consoles, sells it for me. plus it being portable too is a nice as well.

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zivtheawesome30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

you probably shouldn't. they screwed up the sound in this port. it sounds horrible, even if graphically it looks fine (also i heard that the frame pacing issues are pretty severe).

Sirk7x29d ago

There are frame pacing issues with every Souls game on every console.

Dragonscale29d ago

Good for you. Have fun in blightown with that last gen frame rate lol.

hulk_bash198729d ago

In case you were just ignorant here is a blurb from the digital foundry test: "A quick tour of Blight Town sees Switch handling one of the game's most notorious areas with only the occasional frame-rate hiccup, compared to the 10-20fps range on last-gen. It's not perfect, but it certainly adheres to 30fps much more tightly here, and in regular play." For a portable experience, I'd say Virtuos did an outstanding job.

badz14929d ago

so...what this video is saying is "Welcome to 2011, Nintendo"?

sounds about right

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Sciurus_vulgaris30d ago

Dark Souls was never a particularly good looking game,it looked very dated upon first release. The remastered versions and the switch port of Dark Souls are all subpar technically.

UCForce30d ago

After I watched it, the audio in switch version sound much worse than PS1 and voice acting is muffled and the fire effect look worse than last gen. And who said Nintendo have great third party ? The Switch is less powerful than PS4 and Xbox One. Even a lot of third party are using very powerful engine that the Switch can’t run like Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin Creed and other major third party. Sure, Doom and Skyrim did run on Switch but Nintendo need more third party games.

Madmoose29d ago

ucfarce, shut your fanboy ass up dude. I know that you feel emboldened as trolling is allowed for anything but your beloved sony; but not everybody around here is lodged up sony's chute as you are & tire of the trolling. I had a ps1 & that shimmery pos (which just happened to have dope games) was not that serious. It amazes how yukesters like yourself became such faux graphic hoes & snobs when sony FINALLY gave you clowns a box worth bragging about in that department. You guys love garbage Aztec for two generations. At least Nintendo willingly bowed out. They entered the game with shitty hardware.

UCForce29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

@MadMoose I know what I am. You don’t need to say it twice. Here the thing, It’s about balance between third party and first party. Nintendo and Microsoft have one problem and is called unbalanced. Nintendo is great with first party but have a problem with third party support because Switch is very underwhelming. Xbox One have power but lack of exclusive and third party is somewhat mixed. Sony have both. They got the balance right. I guess you don’t know how to balance between power and talent. I know you angry what I said.

Neonridr30d ago

at the end of the day, you get what you want. If you want the full fledged graphical showcase, then get it on PS4/XB1 or better yet PC. If you want the ability to play the game anywhere and aren't bothered by the fact that the lighting might not be as technically advanced as the other versions, then go with the Switch version. It's the same game at the end of the day, so play where you want.

Are we complaining that the game exists on the Switch with this title? Or are we happy it's even an option?

Lime12330d ago

Also, if you want the worst graphics/performance than buy Switch version…...6 months late

pyroxxx30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

worse graphics??,.. think you are wrong there,.. yes it is 30 fps,.. but at least my armors don't look like milled plastic (they really fucked up remaster) Then again I tend not to wear any,.. but damn they made the game look like shit. This is coming from someone who put 300 hours in ''remaster'' on PS4 PRO,. . it looks like shit,.. only thing I like is GUI scaling option,..but damn did they make armors look wrong,..

King_Noctis29d ago

If you want Dark Soul handheld then you can also buy the Switch version.

Neonridr29d ago

still better than what people had the first time they played it on the PS3 and 360. And it was a great game back then... suddenly it's no longer a good game if it improves on the original?

wonderfulmonkeyman29d ago

Pfft, this is on case where the visuals of the remasters on other consoles were done worse.
Get off that high horse.

milohighclub29d ago

if you wanna be able to play it on the go buy switch..

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Lime12330d ago

Not looking good for third party developers on Switch.

TedCruzsTaint29d ago

Read the damn article ... they like the freaking thing.

Shiken29d ago

3rd party devs are doing fine on Switch. This was just a shoddy port with false advertising. Upon further investigation, this was an HD port of the 360 version that is boosted in some places such as frame rate and resolution, but corners were cut in sound and special effects making it less of a remaster and more of a direct port onto stronger hardware, without any real optimization.

For the sake of a relative comparison, lets look at another last gen port, Skyrim.

Skyrim has visuals and effects from the PS4 special edition, not the original PS360. It was scaled down from better hardware rather than scaled up from the original. Time was also taken to properly optimize the game.

What we end up with is a portable version of the game that has an even more steady frame rate than the PS4 and X1 base models (way above the original PS360 games), and visuals and effects that look far better than the original versions with gyro aiming included as well.

Of course the PS4 and X1 versions look better, but that is where you have to ask yourself if you want portability or not. Either way, that is a Switch port done right.

The devs were lazy with the Dark Souls port, plain and simple. Other 3rd party devs are doing fine, all this does is make it easy to tell who actually puts effort into their ports and who does not.

Sm00thNinja30d ago

Ill get lambasted for this but I couldn't imagine JUST OWNING a Switch. We get on Xbox for not having exclusives. Switch has the opposite problem! Weak third party support and half assed attempts when they do support it. No Red Dead Redemption 2, if you're a sports game fan stay far away. At the same time I can't imagine NOT owning one. I couldn't have missed out on Breath of the Wild (I put over 200 hrs into it)., And Mario Odyssey...

Nevertheless, games like the Dark Souls port SMH... It's sad.

Lime12330d ago

Exactly! No RDR2, no Call of Duty, no Assassin's Creed, no Battlefield, no Fallout, No Resident Evil 2 Remake, no Devil May Cry 5, no Sekiro, no Kingdom Hearts III,.....

Sm00thNinja29d ago

No GTA, you have to have the Switch as a support console in my opinion.

King_Noctis29d ago

And no other console will get Smash, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Luigi Mansion, Bayonetta, Metriod, SMTV, No More Hero, Town, Yoshi, and Daemon X Machima either.

Sm00thNinja29d ago

@Noctis and if you read my post I said I couldn't imagine NOT having a Switch, but you miss out on so many amazing titles. Read Dead Redemption 2 is going to be a must have and Switch owners will have to do without

Shiken29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Well I own a PS4 Pro and a Switch so I get to play RDR2, CoD, AC, BF, Fallout, RE 2 Remake, DMC5 Sekiro, KH3,.....


Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Smash, Mario Party, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Batonetta 3, Xenoblade, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart, Octopath Traveler,...

You really do not know what it means to game without limitations, do you?

michellelynn097629d ago

Square said they "might" port KH 3 over. Oops. AC is on cloud. No COD? No big deal for me. RE2 remake, again Capcom said they have no plans right now, They never said it would not come.

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shadowraiden30d ago

ive noticed though a lot of Switch Owners are also High end gaming PC owners so they see the switch as that sit back on sofa and relax or play while on move. so they kinda have it perfect blend. Red Dead will eventually come to PC they made so much money off GTA on PC that they wont release Red Dead on PC eventually.

Madmoose29d ago

Yeah, they really are. At least in a couple of circles that I've been around. In fact, quite a few of them haven't had third-party game problems since the GameCube. That is just something the Fanboys here like lime and others tell themselves to feel better at night when they go to sleep...alone lol. I don't know what makes them think that people can't go out by other products if they want them. Perhaps they just don't want them or care about them as much as you want them to. I'm actually one of the few that hasn't dabbled in PC gaming among a lot of the gamers that I know. And that's simply because I'm f***ing lazy honestly. And also get to play on theirs haha

Sm00thNinja29d ago

Maybe this ends up being true, but I strictly am referring to solely just Switch only users. No high end PC.

Gemmol29d ago

Disagree I like my 2k on ny switch

Sm00thNinja29d ago

Which IS EASILY THE WORST VERSION TO HAVE. So disagree away I feel bad if all you game on is a Switch :/

King_Noctis29d ago

“Nevertheless, games like the Dark Souls port SMH... It's sad.”

Are you saying that this port is borderline unplayable?

Madmoose29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

No, you're not doing it right. See you have to say that you don't own, care or like a ps4 around here to get blasted. Nobody's going to blast you for saying that at all. And you've been around long enough to know it. You're trying too hard right there my dude. Want proof, watch this. I got rid of my ps4 a good while ago as it was pretty meh to me in that time frame & nary regretted it. Not shitting on it or anything, but wasn't in euphoria like so many here. However, watch how much more lambasted than you.

Oh and btw, I have an Xbox1X bruh. So I can play the BEST VERSIONS of ALL 3rd party games. So no worries here kid. See unlike most of the fanboys here I can actually touch another controller without feeling like I am going to spontaneously combust or turning my back on my GOD/religion. And FTR I have the first RD on it & not that big of a deal to me. Was not that amused. So certainly speak for yourself about the whole must have. Even though I am a Switch owner who doesn't have to do without given that I can have the best console version in existence.😉 Now let me sit back & show you how it's done with your faux fear of being dragged across the coals.

Edit: Exactly my friend. Show these clowns how it's done Shiken!

Sm00thNinja29d ago

I'm not your bruh and I'm also not a kid. That bad habit of talking down to folk to state an opinion only shows your own immaturity. And again all youve done is prove my point.

Switch needs to be used as a support console or in conjunction with another. You'd miss out on too many great games. And I'll be playing RDR2 on my Xbox One X as well. You talk as if you've got exclusive access to an Xbox One X....

Sm00thNinja29d ago

I have 2 Xbox One Xs, 2 PS4 Pros, and a Switch. Your whole gaming without limitations argument I don't get? The ones arguing that they haven't dealt with 3rd party problems are truly blind......

You must not buy a lot of games? Only thing that makes sense to me. It is simply a fact the Switch does not get the same third party support as the other two consoles and should be viewed as more of a support console to an Xbox, PS4 or PC. Unless all you want to play is Nintendo 1st party titles which is ENTIRELY acceptable. If I had to pick one game to be stranded on a deserted island with it would probably be Breath of the Wild...

michellelynn097629d ago

I only own a Switch and I'm fine, but for other people who want the lastest western games, I can understand.

Sm00thNinja29d ago

And I can respect that. You have a preference. It doesn't make you any less of a gamer. I just personally have to play everything. I couldn't imagine JUST owning a Switch and I could imagine NOT owning one at all

michellelynn097629d ago

I mean every one is different. If someone wants a ps4, xbox and Switch, cool. If they only want one, That's fine too. Whatever makes someone happy.

Sm00thNinja29d ago

Agreed. And I get the benefits of buying multiplatform games on Switch. The portability factor is fantastic. I just went on a camping trip with my family and it was a life saver on the drive over. I wouldn't give it up for the world, and maybe the 3rd party situation improved. They've already made huge strides with DOOM, Wolfenstein, and even with Dark Souls. I don't want people to think I'm just a Switch hater I'm not. I just couldn't imagine missing games like RDR2. BUT like you said to each their own

zahdab29d ago

For all its worth xbox has more exusives than the switch

hulk_bash198722d ago

It's an entirely playable experience so I dont understand what the issue is. If you want 4k 60fps get it on console/pc. If HD 30fps + portability is what you want, then get it on Switch. DF clearly says that even if it uses last gen assets, the switch version runs way better than the PS3/Xbox 360 versions.

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