Resident Evil 2 Claire ‘Noir’ and Leon 'Arklay Sheriff' DLC costumes gameplay

Following Claire’s “Military” costume earlier this week, Capcom has released two more short gameplay videos of the Resident Evil 2 remake showcasing Claire’s “Noir” costume and Leon’s “Arklay Sheriff” costume, which are included with the game’s Deluxe Edition.

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naruga92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

the game is unconveniently dark .....Capcom you cant create atmosphere without the player seeing the environement (and the colors) ..Classic RE s had a lot of detail in environement , that s why had excellent atmosphere-feeling and they r so memorable.....imo if they keep it that dark would create an "AVP-Requiem" reaction from real fans, where one of the main reasons that the film was downrated that much was because everything was too Dark , no letting understand what is happening

PapaBop92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I feel the sting of this move so much more with Resident Evil 2.. this is exactly the sort of thing that games of yesteryear would reward players with for completing the game and giving them incentive to play through the game a second time. Nowadays,no chance, just give them $10 extra instead.

Kostche92d ago

exactly, but did you really think they would have unlocks for completing the game fast like in the old days..they are just grubby companies through and through, they like all of them will nickle and dime gamers to their last penny

Dom_Estos92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Yep. Correct. But wait for some twat to come in and tell you how you're wrong and just complaining for the sake of it. "It's just cosmetics", or "it's optional", or "it takes money and time to develop this."

Literally nothing, and I mean nothing, is sacred these days in the gaming industry. It's just about you handing over more and more money for things that were seen as an added incentive to play the game more back in the day.

Here's the thing, Capcom: you'll charge us extra for this shit, take the time to put it in there, yet you give us all a bullshit excuse as to why there's no VR mode, a mode in which I'd happily stomp up the extra cash for because it'd be something that actually adds to your game experience.

92d ago
-Foxtrot91d ago

Funnier when they say it takes time and money to add skins to a game

PlatinumKing198292d ago

meh i just stick with the og costumes in any game anywhere. Never change them unless its needed like in a rpg type game.