Forza Horizon 4 Upcoming Update To Bring The Route Creator Feature

As promised by the developer, the next Forza Horizon 4 update will finally bring one of the most requested features, the Route Creator.

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timotim27d ago

Would like to see the custom soundtrack feature brought back

Switch4One27d ago

I second that. The music in this iteration leaves alot to be desired.

Anomander27d ago

Agreed! The songs get pretty repetitive on when you only listen to a few stations. Would love to be able to stream Spotify playlists!

Shuckylad27d ago

I personally think they should have at least one radio station in game dedicated to the country of its setting. Like maybe a “great British” station for fh4 or say an “Aussie classics” in fh3 etc. I Think that would of been cool.

Switch4One27d ago

This feels like a no brainer and truly a missed opportunity.

mandingo27d ago

Turn radio off. Turn Spotify on. Yay!

Switch4One27d ago

That doesn't turn off music when a race is loading and when you win a race.

mandingo27d ago

Yea that's true but its as good as it gets

Elit3Nick26d ago

I believe you can stop that by turning on streamer mode

King_Noctis26d ago

I don’t understand why they left this feature out of the game. I hope they would implement it soon.

timotim26d ago

It was my most used Station, the Groove Music station. It still works in FH3 for those that use OneDrive...dont see why they just don't add it to 4.

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