Dreadnought developer lays off third of workforce days after game's release

Financial problems to blame.

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Casepb23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Being in the game industry is a stuff ass career. I don't envy anyone in it. Hope they find new jobs.

xXRawD3alJRXx23d ago

I thought this game looked awesome. Never got to play it though because I have an xbox

Bobafret23d ago

The game is completed, are they supposed to just pay people to sit around? Developers are pretty much contractors, they know well in advance that they should be seeking their next assignment.

Godmars29023d ago

And that's an issue with the business, given that the lion share of - any - profits goes to shareholders. A mentality that includes giving little to no security to dev teams, overworking them, and shortchanging them in anyway possible besides.

RizBiz23d ago

Hasn't this game been out for a year?

Emme23d ago

It was a big mistake to make this very niche title free to play.Stupid and very risky business decision.