Overkills The Walking Dead Beta Gameplay Video

Here is a look at some game video of the Beta for Overkills The Walking Dead. The game has some issues being in Beta but the video gives gamers an idea of what to expect from the final game.

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lazyboyblue23d ago

Glorified cod zombies then.

Garethvk23d ago

But with more glitches and repetitions and some annoying gameplay mechanics.

mike32UK23d ago

those trailers were disgustingly deceptive!

Garethvk23d ago

There are other areas but I have not been able to get to them as I can never find players there.

Jammali22d ago

Exactly i would of thought it would be more a survival rpg third person, they even run like cod!

C4rnos23d ago

Why does every video people put up on this game so far only highlight the worst part of the game? not the large stealth based levels with real gameplay, tension and design?. poor decision from Overkill to put these in the game honestly, i feel like there are better ways to exercise your gun toting itch without doing this.

Garethvk23d ago

Easy as this is all they will let us access.

C4rnos22d ago

that's not true at all? i've been playing the game throughout each beta and the very first beta allowed you to play the first expedition called "Hell or High Water"

Furthermore, they gave access to all the missions after the first beta as some people complained about the lack of guidance, they're adding and changing plenty of things even now as they fix various issues and tighten mechanics, it's not gonna blow anyone away but it's not as bad as some people are making it to be, especially with misleading content that paints it to be a CoD zombies alike.

Garethvk22d ago

Ok in my play sessions, there was nobody in the games beyond the mission I recorded and despite multiple attempts, it never showed players in the other areas nor gave me the ability to start or form a game there.

C4rnos22d ago

Have you tried going to the "Anderson Camp" on the map? if you can't find players you should still be able to start and find matches, previously talking to Anderson in the camp would allow you to play and progress in these new missions.

It's a shame you haven't found many people to play with but honestly this game is best served with friends or people you regularly play games with- much like Payday 2 was.

Lord_Sloth23d ago

Soooo maaaaaaany wasted bullets..... Looks lame.

Garethvk23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

My shots were hitting thank you very much. Despite the bad mechanics of the combat system.

No Way23d ago

Idk.. I'd have to see more; but, from what I see - I'd rather have a new Left 4 Dead game.

C4rnos21d ago

If you're wanting something like that i'd recommend checking out a game called GTFO, a few outlets have described it as hardcore L4D and it seems pretty interesting to say the least.

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