NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080Ti benchmarked in the ten most demanding PC games

DSOGaming writes: "After almost a month, our EVGA GeForce RTX 2080Ti XC has finally arrived. As such, we’ve decided to test the ten most demanding PC games that are currently available and see how this new GPU performs. Now I’m pretty sure that most of you have heard that this GPU targets a 4K/60fps experience, however the following results will undoubtedly surprise you."

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badz149588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

So...the mighty 2080Ti is also struggling to reach 4K60fps on these demanding games, ha? much truth do people on here hold when they say they always reach that mark playing multiplats on their pc all these times?

MasterCornholio588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

Well if a PC can’t play a game at 4K 60FPS a console can’t handle the game at 4K 60FPS. However if you tweak visual settings I’m pretty sure you can get a lot of games to run at 4K 60FPS with a 2080TI.

Edit: Also after reading the article it appears that the cpu is bottlenecking the GPU.

King Nezz588d ago

Consoles can't play games at 4k 60fps with consistency, but at least they look pretty good for a fraction of a Gpu that costs over a grand.

DiRtY588d ago

Why use a 5 years old CPU to benchmark the latest GPU?

But yeah, I agree that most people here are just coming up with bs regarding their specs and claims about 4K / 60 FPS

I bought a gaming laptop earlier this year

i7 7700HQ
GTX 1060 —> 6 GB

I never tried 4K, because I don’t even have a monitor for 4K yet. :-)

MasterCornholio588d ago (Edited 588d ago )


My laptop has the same specs and you can reach 4K 60FPS with old games. However I just prefer to play at 1440P with it since I really can’t tell the diffference between 4K and 1440P due to the size of the monitor that I have.

DaMist588d ago

As Evilryusam mentioned is not too difficult to maintain 60fps in 4k as long as you're willing to tweak some settings, I hold 60 in FH4 in 4k no problems with a Gtx 1080, granted I have it oc'ed but still, it is doable. I can't speak for these newer cards as I don't have them, but so far it seems like Nvidia may have jumped the gun releasing them without their sweet feature (Rtx), being supported.

starchild588d ago

I've never claimed that I can hit 4k/60fps at ultra settings in every game. And honestly I have never seen any PC gamer on N4G claim that either. What my PC does give me that no console can is options and better graphics and performance in general.

TekoIie588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

"So...the mighty 2080Ti is also struggling to reach 4K60fps on these demanding games"

No, it's reaching it but its not a stable 60. More than half of the games they tested have over 60 fps average.

rainslacker588d ago

Drivers are still a bit clunky for this GPU aren't they?

That being said, it's hitting those marks, it just isn't able to maintain the frame rate with all the fancy settings enabled.

While i won't speculate on the consoles ability for the future, consoles do tend to get more out of the same amount of hardware. But, next gen won't have a card this powerful.

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riibhu588d ago

Ever heard of custom graphics settings?

LightofDarkness588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

No PC gamer claimed they could hit that with all the ridiculous and frivolous settings turned to ultra. You simply didn't understand that 4K/60 doesn't mean 4K/60 at max settings. Which would, of course, mean that you're talking out of your ass; which is par for the course around here, I suppose.

I have a 1080 ti and can play Forza Horizon 4 with everything turned to ultra/extreme and hit 4K 60 with HDR. There are a plethora of games I can do that with from this gen. This article picked the most demanding and unoptimized games to test to show that this GPU isn't just for people who plan to play at 4K. But you were practically salivating as you waited for a chance to protect your precious console ego, which is one of the most ridiculous things ever. They're video games, kid. Why are you trying to erase nuance from the conversation like this is some moron-level political debate?

BigTrain588d ago

Hate to say it but its always people talking trash about topics they know nothing about. Gaming on a PC is an enthusiast hobby. You can have a budget rig or you can have an uber rig either way you'll always take a dump on a console. A long running debate that's easily squashed when the proper expert gives a demo.

Tapani588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

DLSS makes a difference so once you’ve got it patched in 4K60fps without ray tracing is absolutely possible. Also, you can just lower shadows or other costly effects to high to reach that 60fps mark. You can barely notice the difference anyway. I’d go for High + some key ultra settings to reach 4K60fps, and with DLSS ultra full-on.

I’ve been thinking about buying a PC based on 9900K + 2080ti with a fast Nvme, but haven’t found a PC exclusive to justify the cost. Bragging rights are not enough for me (I don’t have that much money to throw around for petty reasons.)

I’m actually waiting for the PS5 to upgrade my gaming equipment. And if it’s too slow, I’ll go for a high-end PC until must-have PS5 exclusives come out. If PS5 is fully backwards compatible, I’ll buy it immediately and start collecting more games in the same ecosystem.

ProjectVulcan588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

The most demanding PC games always have quality settings far beyond that of any of the consoles. So you can lower the settings from their maximum and still be well above console settings, and hit 4K 60FPS on a PC.

If you are happy with console settings but want 4K and 60FPS it's not that difficult to reach and you don't need the latest super powerful card like a 2080Ti. Generally a GTX1080 will manage it.

For example Horizon 4 is just a console game and having settings the same or slightly better than Xbox One X means you can have native 4K and 60FPS on a GTX1080, whereas Xbox One X is limited to 30FPS at that mode.

It's no longer a high end card (2080Ti, 2080 and 1080Ti are all above it) but it's still easily faster and a significant upgrade over the most powerful console.

PC hardware stands still for no man, and PC games get better and better quality settings regardless of stagnant console hardware.

BigTrain588d ago

The only thing that keeps consoles in the game is mandatory optimization. If that was actually applied to a PC then consoles would be completely left in the dust, no comparison whatsoever.

bwyennicks588d ago

This is using a relatively old CPU, chipset, and DDR3 memory. Even at 4K, the scores will be affected by this.

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Evilryusam588d ago

you can hold 4k 60, just lower some arbitrary settings that barely affect image quality and improve performance.
I can play all if not most games on high settings on my 1080ti.

Profchaos588d ago

I'm finding it hard to justify the cost of any of the 2080 cards right now given that current games don't require the tech in the 2080 save for bfv (which isn't my type of game)

Personally the 1080 / 1070 price drop is probably better value for money right now and I'd get the 2180 range when the tech is actually utilised

T1125P588d ago

So they use a 4930k LOL. Hello, it's 2018 either use the new 9900k or AMD 2700x.

Weeblordbad588d ago

A 4930k is not the bottleneck at 4k, a newer processor would help but it's not going to change things drastically.

Profchaos588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

It would probably end up garnering around 10 frames extra maybe 15 it's all dependent on how CPU intensive the game is while it's not a bottleneck most gamers with a relatively recent rig would probably use more modern CPU (excluding myself who still runs a i7 870 from 09)

ossyc588d ago (Edited 588d ago )

at 4k there's no gains at all between previous and current gen cpus; at 1080p it's a different story - all the load is on the GPU at 4K

Jon_Targaryen588d ago

I will stick with my 1080ti, Thanks...

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