As an Outsider, Pokémon Let's Go Might Convert Us

We know - We are insane. But hear us out! As outsiders and critics of Pokemon, we believe that Pokemon Let's Go has the potential to pull us in as well as many other gamers.

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locomorales85d ago

If you are a critic you can't be an outsider.

PhantomS4285d ago

You do realize playing Pokemon isn't a requirement for being a critic right?

fragglesmurf85d ago

You don't have to like Pokémon to understand how Pokémon Red and Blue were so critically acclaimed. Terrible article.

DJK1NG_Gaming85d ago

Yeah and then next year Generation 8 games will force you out because you will be jumping up to over 800 possibly 900 different Pokemon.
All core features being back and new ones and wild battles and all the moves, items, abilities and every other stripped or removed feature you have no clue about.

You are going to be so overwhelmed. Its so laughable that people think Pokemon Let's Go will bring in new fans and Go fans to improve the next year game sales. Not happening.
You new casuals aren't gonna accept anything.

Neonridr85d ago

think about it.. Someone who has never played pokemon before outside of say Pokemon Go has a very low chance of just jumping in to a core title that will overwhelm them. But Let's Go will bring in the casual player but then introduce them to a variety of pokemon and also some basic battle mechanics.

I fail to see why this wouldn't help open the door to those people to possibly wanting to expand upon that experience with a deeper game next time. Sure it's not a guarantee, but I am willing to bet you will bring in more people this way than if they just skipped the Let's Go games altogether.

DJK1NG_Gaming85d ago

Because the common thing you hear from these fans are. They don't like any Pokemon past Gen 1 or wish it was Gen 1 only. The term genwunner exists for a reason.