Battlefield V Won’t Have Single-Player DLC After “The Last Tiger”

DICE has confirmed that Battlefield 5 DLC won't include any chapters for single-player.

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TheColbertinator92d ago

At least we got a campaign at least. Will be snagging it next month.

sprinterboy91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Gonna trade in my launch ps4 over black Friday for a pro and hoping too snatch a 3 game pro deal like last yrs Black Friday deals with assassins creed, battlefield and fifa hopefully.

Teflon0291d ago

Man if you got the new games for all 3, you seriously hit a jackpot

Majin-vegeta92d ago

That's a bummer but Bf has and always about the MP aspect.

KillZallthebeast91d ago

The first single player campaign of battlefield was nearly non existent. 1942 just had random battles with basically no narrative. Vietnam directly after was the exact same, it wasn't until they brought it to consoles that the series ever got a real campaign.

grahamalondis92d ago

I can't say I ever expected it to. Single player DLC is a rarity these days.

Teflon0291d ago

I'm just tryina stab my team with needles and the enemie with Knifes honestly, I don't play for the campaign lol.

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