You Need to Play 6 Hours & 40 Minutes Each Day to Reach Black Ops 4 Black Market Max Tier

The Black Ops 4 Black Market tier 200 is the max level. If you're planning on attaining that goal, you best have a LOT of free time.

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grahamalondis92d ago

Who needs a job, anyway? Yikes.

Leeroyw92d ago

It's already happening. I've played many games where there are players afk or afc on console. It's frustrating.

Sirk7x92d ago

14 year olds lol. I saw people level 30 on launch day.

Michiel198992d ago

someone complaining about 14yo's on a forum lol. I sense that ur jelly

KillZallthebeast92d ago

Or it's just a fact of life kids have more time than people who have jobs and support themsleves/others?

BlackTar18791d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Michiel confirmed 14yr old. Not even sure what he sirk7x said was talking crap about them just pointing out 14yr old have more time.

AnubisG92d ago

There will be someone doing exactly that.

nucky6492d ago

of course - there is no shortage of people who (don't work) live off of relatives or any number of govt handouts who have endless amounts of free time.

-volt-92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

The disagrees are out of touch with reality or are indeed those exact folks.

nucky6492d ago

volt, the disagrees are those people who i described. as i said, there is NO shortage of people who won't work and are comfortable abusing the system to get free handouts. disagrees have no meaning as far as what i'm saying - it's the truth and 10,000 disagrees won't change it - i wish it would change it, but it won't.

Atticus_finch92d ago

Please elaborate on the Govt handouts that will allow me to play games all day.

CaptainCook92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

What if you're already rich?

parris92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Translation: I'm mad because other people have more free time than I do...

The problem isn't any of those things it the fact that these companies add grind to encourage people to pay money for things that should be free and easily obtainable.

rainslacker92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

So you think that someone who works and is a productive member of society cant put in 7 hours a day into gaming? While I don't play every day, I have many days where 7 hours may be on the low end of the spectrum. I work full time, and have plenty of other things I'm interested in, or have other things which put demands on my time

Free time is just that. Free for people to do what they want. People's availability may vary based on the demands or priorities in their life, but playing a lot of games doesn't mean someone is abusing the system, or some sort of loser

SenorFartCushion92d ago

OK, calm down Mr./Mrs. "Only the poor are to blame," there are hundreds of different extremely high paying jobs that will allow a person that amount of extra time.

Get your head out of your middle-class tax-avoiding ass.

rainslacker92d ago

Wow...a lot of disagrees for saying that playing games for a long time doesn't mean someone is a loser. I'd imagine that a lot of us here put a lot of hours into gaming.

Maybe people think I'm defending the amount of time required to reach lvl 200 in this game. I'm really not. Just nucky's notion that only people who are abusing their local social services can put in a lot of hours into gaming.

nucky6492d ago (Edited 92d ago )

rainslacker - you're wrong. where did i say ONLY people who are abusing social services can put a lot of time into gaming? i just followed up on the first comment. but, NOWHERE on this thread did ANYONE say that. also never said that playing games for a many hours means, AUTOMATICALLY, that someone is abusing the system - your reading comprehension needs work.

Sirk7x92d ago

Also young teens who don't go outside.

Born2Game8392d ago

Like you maybe? prove to me you aren't one of them. You can't can you.

92d ago
rainslacker92d ago


You heavily implied that the people who would spend that much time on a game are somehow living off social programs, which is typically done to say that they're abusing such programs, although you didn't go that far.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I'm curious the statistics to support your need to even say what you did as if it is a relevant or significant number, or your take on how many people living such a life actually have the income to buy games and pay for the internet to partake in this game's MP.

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FITgamer92d ago

JoshOG (twitch streamer) did it in 3 days. Craziness.

excaliburps92d ago

I take it this is how COD Points will make its way? As long as no guns are included, I think I might be OK with it? Lesser of two evils and all that...

Platformgamer92d ago

a lot of time... or a lot of cash!
call of duty is disgusting, like who bought it

Unreal0192d ago

I did. And I'm really enjoying it thanks.

Platformgamer92d ago

you are ruining the gaming industry, among others, thank you piece of ****

Michiel198991d ago

This CoD actually seems like a decent game.
The real piece of shit is the person that lets previous games prevent him from enjoying newer entries.
You dislike this franchise so much that you waste your time commenting about it? Seems like ur the big fool here, not the people buying the game.

How about u buy and play the game first before u start spouting bullshit

91d ago
Shiken92d ago

I am playing it, and it is a damn good game. Best Call of Duty in years.

Platformgamer92d ago

1 - it's not a good game, not even close;
2 - there are better games in the same genre, why not buying these games?

Shiken92d ago


1- I hate the building aspect of Fortnite and play on PS4. I enjoy the Battle Royal concept, but not Fortnite. Enter CoD BO4.

2- Name a better Battle Royal shooter that does not have stupid building mechanics. I'll wait...

3- Oh and as a bonus, I have not bought or even played a CoD game in over 3 years until now. No WWIII, Infinite Warfare, or BO3. I only spend ny money on what I like and as I said, I like BO4. After finishing Persona 5, I was ready for a game like BO4. Who are you to tell me what games are "good" or "bad", because in case you did not know, everyone has different tastes. Not everyone's opinion needs to line up with yours, and the majority obviously do not.

william_cade92d ago

Yeah, for some reason I doubt it. Shouldn't CoD be a free to play by now?

Vegamyster92d ago


Nobody here is "ruining the game industry", buying Call of Duty and pretending that you can't buy or are not supporting any other games is also silly. Regardless of how you feel it's probably the best CoD from a gameplay perspective since MW1/BO1, I do think it's overpriced given they took the campaign out but that doesn't make it bad, just wait for a sale.

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annoyedgamer92d ago

The same could be said for Battlefield, Assassins Creed and most other major AAA releases.

Platformgamer91d ago

indeed, but i specifically hate call of duty a lot

Michiel198991d ago

thats not an excuse for being a big baby and insulting people over here.

Blastoise92d ago

Oh don't worry, I'm sure Activision has provided those who don't want to play 6 hours a day with "options"

yomfweeee92d ago

Ya, one option is you don't have to reach 200.

These are purely cosmetic things. You'll live.

What exactly does the 200th level even get you?

rainslacker92d ago

"What exactly does the 200th level even get you?"

A good stopping point to maybe move onto the next game?

92d ago
yomfweeee92d ago

Such a pathetic argument that you can't answer. Prestige has always been hard to get. So your guys argument that they made it harder to encourage MT has no merit.

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