Onechanbara Origin Interview - Producer Talks Possible Western Release, Platforms, and More

Onechanbara Origin Producer Nobuyuki Okajima talks about the upcoming remake for PS4, and the possibility of a western release, also for older games.

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annoyedgamer92d ago

After seeing what SCEA did to Sengen Kagura, I doubt this will make its way past the Sony censor boards unscathed.

Abriael92d ago

There's nothing here comparable to Senran Kagura, to be fair (not that I approve of that, quite the opposite). The ladies dressed sexy are all 25 or so, all underage characters are fully dressed.

blackblades91d ago

What are you talking about, they just removed the sexual assault mode from it. They didn't censored the regular stuff and this game won't be censored because it don't have that mode.

pietro121291d ago

Aren't the characters in those games all teenagers?

rainslacker90d ago

They're all over 20. In their mid-20's as I recall. Although, i suppose an origin story could have them younger....if that's what this is. Maybe reference the movies or other media that surround the IP.

andibandit91d ago

Why do so many jap games resort to nudity(of some form)?

gamer780491d ago

It's just their culture, far less shocking than the us for ultra violence

andibandit90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

what would you categorize the violence in this hack & slash game, where you kill and dismember enemies with a sword?.

rainslacker90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Dunno. Why does every single HBO series all have more nudity and sex in one episode than a years worth of games on consoles?

Also, most don't resort to nudity. They often have scantily clad women though.

Dan5091d ago

LOL super censored, just get the eastern release.