Top 10 Scariest Video Games Ever Released

All Hallows’ Eve is once again on the horizon like the birthday of the uncle you barely speak to all year but are obliged to make an effort with. It is a time for ghouls ‘n ghosts, 80’s MJ Thriller clones and kids dressing up as a means to justify stealing sweets from the elderly. So let us run through some of the most notable and scariest video games ever made.

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Casepb87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I reinstalled Outlast for this month but I just can't get myself to play games like that. The run and hide type of horror games. I much rather Dead Space or The Evil Within. I will try it again and see if I can force myself.

Xristo87d ago

This blogger must have never played Amnesia: The Dark Descent to leave it off a top ten list.

rob-GP87d ago

I'm a wuss at horror games - I forced myself to play the first three exorcist VR games for review and I have the other 2 waiting here for me along with observer and a few others I've heard are a little creepy. However, I played until dawn on release and it didn't scare me one bit. I'm not sure why people list it in 'Top X scary game' lists.

I don't recall jumping once within the game as it was just a teenage horror flix but in a game format. I dunno, maybe it's just me. Yet I refuse to play res evil, outlast, home sweet home or anything that involves stealth and hiding from creatures or people because they just frustrate me.

Also, no res evil 7 in VR? I would have thought a lot of VR games would have made the list, recently Home Sweet Home and The Exorcist, Res Evil 7, The door, Rush of Blood, all the ones on PC. They are much more scarier due to the immersion.

Skankinruby87d ago

Good list, Alan wake was the one and only time I wish I had gotten a 360 as I never got to play it. Not sure TLOU should be on here I didn't find it scary really, although it's definitely up at the top for GOAT.

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