Upset Fans Are Review Bombing Shadow of the Tomb Raider Due to Sales

People that bought the game already aren’t happy about it being discounted so soon.

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annoyedgamer31d ago

Sounds a little inflated. Also if there is any substantial amount of people doing that, they have some real issues. Might have found next worst group of fanboys.

parris31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Strange, you have encouraged review bombing and game boycotts in the past, why change now.

VenomUK30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

So silly. If these disgruntled gamers enjoyed the game then so what if others get a good price? By leaving negative reviews they might impact further sales which could lead to the publisher killing off the franchise or putting it on ice for a long time.

Skull52130d ago

Same thing happened with the last Tomb Raider and all the other fall games. Everything is seeing heavy discounts within two or three months nowadays, best to wait a little while and work on your back catalogue and pick up these new games cheap.

ChrisW30d ago

That's racist! How dare you talk about video gamers like that!

ConsoleGamer30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Lol yeah. You are on point!

Nicknasty29d ago

Dont worry, the word racist has completely lost its meaning now. Thanks to the media! They shot themselves in the foot with that one. Haha

itsmebryan29d ago

Nope racist has not lost it's power. Look at all the racist people that are caught on tape, identified, and lose their jobs for harassing people of color. This has been going on for decades but, no one believes it. Now thanks to the media racist are exposed, shamed, and jobless.

I don't see how the media made the word lose power? If anything it will make people think twice because everyone has a camera phone and they know what happens to others thanks to the media.

fiveby929d ago

@itsmebryan I do think the word is often misused. There is a distinction in vocabulary between bigotry and racism. Often times, including by supposedly educated people in the press, the terms are misused.

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KyRo29d ago

I loved the past two Tomb Raider games but they have all been heavily discounted not long after launch. It happens with a lot of SE games to keep momentum of sales going.

mark_parch29d ago

it was obvious this game would be discounted so quickly. I'm really hyped to play it but am willing to wait especially when there's other great games out like spiderman, horizon 4 and red dead redemption 2

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Rimeskeem31d ago

Lack of sales = price cut

If you are so happy with your product why should you be mad you paid full price? It only helps the developer anyways.

Godmars29030d ago (Edited 30d ago )

More to the point, why would Square do such a thing. Given that it shows low faith or exaggerated sales expectations. Such corporate mentalities from publishers don't help developer studios - it closes them down. With the "assets", more IP name/brand than a dev team that's likely seen as interchangeable and nameless by all concerned.

Profchaos30d ago

If sales were poor they need to recoup the investment the best way to attract more interest is a moderate price drop.

Publishers only put a game on sale when it's not selling obviously they sold the pre orders but nothing since that point

rainslacker30d ago

Maybe they weren't exaggerated this time, like the first game which apparently didn't meet expectations despite selling about 5 million copies. Maybe it just didn't sell well for other reasons. They might just be overconfident on just how much people like the games, and in the case of this release, most of the marketing was pretty subpar. Not that I felt MS gave it more justice when they had that marketing agreement, but the sales then could have been limited by the timed exclusive release.

I don't think the studio will get closed down. Everything seems to point to the game selling fairly well. Maybe not super well though.

Vegamyster30d ago

No doubt, we're also hitting that point in the year when lots of other big games are coming out so it shouldn't be shocking when games like this go on sale.

Agent_00_Revan30d ago

I've noticed that games that come out in late Sept to early Oct each year are around $30 come Black Friday. This is nothing new. Plus like you said, game releases start machine gunning at this point in the year. It's pretty common to have price cuts to keep sales momentum against competition.

No Way30d ago

I'd still be a bit peeved; but at myself, not them. Like, damn.. I shoulda waited a couple more weeks.
But, I'd never go leave some bullshit negative reviews over something so childish.

Teflon0230d ago

I wanted the game, but seeing the track record of Tomb Raider prices. I said I'd wait, tomb Raider always has big price drops and sales quick. It's what happens when they try chase other games and expect too much. The games are good but expectation is too high. I bought it last week because it was on sale and glad I waited. I did the same for Rise on ps4. For it for $20 not too far from release. It was I believe the week before Christmas

rainslacker30d ago

I wouldn't even be upset with myself. It's not like I lost anything, other than maybe an extra $10-20. I wouldn't be upset with Square either, because it's not like they did anything shady.

People upset they paid more, and upset that others get to pay less so soon after release, maybe shouldn't be buying games day one. Never know if that game you got is going to be successful, and if the publisher has to try and increase revenue quickly for an end of quarter report.....which is likely what is happening here.

Baza29d ago

Price cuts like this always happen. Why are people acting like this is just Square.

letsa_go30d ago

It is especially funny, because really they are upset at themselves for being complete idiots and not waiting for a sale like normal people do.

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Activemessiah30d ago

"so soon"? so when is it exactly ok for a price cut according to these mentalists...

rainslacker30d ago

It wasn't an official price drop was it? Was it discounted on the digital stores where the publishers control the pricing, or just at retail to move unsold stock?

Profchaos30d ago

Pretty much all digital services psn steam and xbl

rainslacker30d ago

Yeah, saw that after I asked.

Oh well. Buyer beware for next time I guess. Personally, I don't see the fuss. Some people supported the game, it didn't sell as well as maybe Square wanted and I'd reason that sales slowed down, so they tried to spur sales by reducing the price. Maybe earlier than typical, but those how got the game earlier would have still paid more if SE had waited another month or two. No reason to review bomb the game because it didn't live up to expectations

milohighclub29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Half price with all dlc within a month or so. It's a big of a kick in the balls to everyone who supported day 1.

It's conning the customers really, if se believe the game is worth half its release price then should it not be priced that at release?

Silly gameAr30d ago

Gamers can be childish sometimes.

No Way30d ago

If you visit this site often; you'd know it's more like "usually."

King_Noctis30d ago


I was about to say that myself actually.

JJasonRodriguez30d ago

I mean, every other day or so there’s a highly-upvoted or discussed story about a boobie game or nudey mod. Kinda gives you an idea of the demographic. 😄

warriorcase30d ago

Need to remember that a large number of them actually are. Younger people tend not to see the bigger picture and/or tend to upset alot easier.

Silly gameAr30d ago

It seems so. I mean, why try to sabotage someone's hard work just because you decided to get the game on or around release day, and someone else decided to wait? Don't take it out on the dev, take it out on yourself.