Independent Game Shops Told They Won't Get Red Dead Redemption 2 Until November

In the lead-up to Red Dead Redemption 2’s October 26 release, Zach Gieg spent over $3,300 adorning his small, local chain of Pennsylvania video game stores with billboards, flyers, posters, and other displays touting the the highly-anticipated Western adventure game that his customers began preordering two years ago. It was at the store’s own expense, but Gieg figured that the advertising dollars would surely convert to sales of the upcoming game. But a couple of weeks ago, Gieg says, his distributor had some bad news: he wouldn’t be getting the game on time for its release. Across the country, other local game stores were hearing the same thing.

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gangsta_red94d ago

That's kind of dirty doing in small mom and pop stores. And the only reason behind it may be because they don't want the street date broken? I call BS on that.

PhantomS4294d ago

Makes sense. Mom and Pop shops always have a habit of releasing the game earlier than the street date. It really hurts the honest M&P shops but a couple bad apples spoil the bunch. When was the last time a major title didn't have a massive leak because of small shops?

Gh05t94d ago

Pretending you are right and for the sake of argument: Then tell the stores ahead of time that they will not get the games early... if that is the reasoning behind it then they would have known this in advance and the ONLY people hurt by this are the business owners.

PhantomS4294d ago


But that is still on the individual store for not securing the orders before they start marketing it.

Spike20XX93d ago

I have to side with you on this one, there was this one retailer in Mexico, that was always selling physical copies of games 1 week before release date, every single time.

Thomaticus93d ago

Retailers have broken street dates before.

mark134uk93d ago

i get mine early from lgs, he charges £5 extra on the game, only way he can stay open tbh

he cant compete with tesco and game

subtenko93d ago

yea I know of places that did that. They broke the street dates.

Guess you're right, if someone does something bad it does affect everyone in a way. Makes sense

Skull52193d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Digital guarantees everyone who wants a copy can get one. I already have my copy downloaded, and I get to play it on 10/25.

If you want a physical disc you should pay them upfront to manufacture one of them for you.

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rainslacker94d ago

Mom and pop buy from distributors, so more likely they're shipping them to the retailers that can buy direct, like Amazon or game stop.

That being said, there is no reason why they couldn't have printed.more copies earlier. It's not like the demand for this game suddenly became higher than expected, and I would guess that they're hoping to sell more digital copies this way.

parris94d ago

This is exactly it, they are creating a shortage to force digital.

JackBNimble94d ago

Maybe they just want to see how the game sells. No publisher wants to over project stock if it doesn't sell as well as expected.

You may be right about wanting to sell more digital copies, but even if that's true I doubt that is the only reason for this.

rainslacker94d ago (Edited 94d ago )


R* games tend to sell for the long term. Even GTA is still charting. This game has a lot of hype, and a lot of preorders. There is absolutely no reason why they should underproject the sales of this game to not print enough copies that we're getting reports of delays from even the big retailers, and no distributors getting it for other retailers. Even people that have preorders may have their orders they didn't even bother to make enough to cover what they knew they could sell. R* aren't amateurs. They know how to figure out how many are going to sell beyond the preorders, and how many of an initial stock they're going to have.

Nintendo had a case with one of the Fire Emblem games where they couldn't get the stock imported for some reason, and they saw digital sales rise significantly, and after that, they had a couple other high profile games for the 3DS also having a lack of product at retail, despite there being no issue with importing.

Publishers know that if something has enough demand, there will be enough people that are willing to buy digital instead, and that means they make a few extra dollars on the sale. They also know that those that want or have to hold out for physical, will still buy the game when it becomes available, and they'll still be selling that game at the same price a 2-3 weeks later.

I might think differently if this wasn't a high profile, very highly anticipated game, but a game like this will easily sell plenty, and there was no chance they'd be burdened with overstock they couldn't sell, unless the game is really bad and bombs in reviews, and I doubt they really feel that's going to happen.

sprinterboy94d ago

Kinda funny games mentioned it might be due to security with smaller shops after the gta stabbing

Cueil94d ago

like walking out of walmart into their dark ass parking lot is any safer

jznrpg94d ago

It is mom and pop shops that generally break the street date . But Best Buy isn’t going to fill all of their preorders so maybe there is a legitimate reason to it.? I wouldn’t buy digital instead I would just wait but it could be they want more digital purchases? Who knows

rainslacker94d ago

I didn't preorder, so I'll probably just wait until a time I can buy it whenever I might happen to be in the store and feel like it. I might have brought it sooner, but I'm not going to go to extra effort for it. I have plenty to play in the mean time.

But I'm not super excited for the game. Just one of those things that I know I'll want to play, and will probably enjoy.

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annoyedgamer94d ago

Sounds like Gamestop and R* has some dirty dealings.

xRacer74x94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Wait till you see the digital release be earlier than physical releases. Its going to happen so its inevitable.

TheColbertinator94d ago

Already began. Origin Access Premier sold FIFA 19 11 days early through their subscription. Next up will be BFV.

2pacalypsenow94d ago

They already do this with movie releases. Digital releases 2 weeks before the Blu Ray.

JackBNimble94d ago

Well I have RDR2 predownloaded, it would be sweet if it unlocked early but the clock says for Friday 12:00am est

Cueil94d ago

at least it's EST not PST... I hate when they use west coast time

chiefJohn11793d ago

It's already starting. EA access release games 2 weeks early. However it's 24 hours worth of game time.

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P_Bomb94d ago

Garbage if it’s about corporations wanting more control over their distribution chains ie. small mom and pop shops.

I call shenigans on supply. Especially since digital is more prevalent now than it was during GTAV or anything TakeTwo’s published before. Never had an issue buying a big AAA videogame then. This ain’t a niche title.

What’s the point of preordering if it’s delayed a week at local business X, but corporate chain Y has it right across the street? I preordered from a local mom and pop. $10 off credit + have a long weekend off from work. Made sense. But if they don’t get it, I’m sure as sh** not gonna wait a week to buy it right when I have to go back to work!

CaptainObvious87893d ago

I'm in a smiliar boat. I preordered it ages ago, used up annual leave to get work off for the whole weekend plus the next week.

If I don't get it on release day and have to wait a week, completely wasting my annual leave, I'm going to loose it.

I can easily wait a week for the game, it's my precious wasted leave that's going to infuriate me, and then having to go back to work when I finally get the game...

*George Costanza* WE ARE LIVING... IN A SOCIETY!! :)

fiveby993d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I gotta sympathize with you that it would suck to not get the game on time especially if you coordinated time off work to coincide with the release. That stinks. And I love the Costanza reference. :) I pre-ordered through BestBuy for in store pickup. My email still shows for 26 Oct pickup. Finger crossed....

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