Red Dead Redemption 2’s World Will “Constantly Serve Things Up In Subtle Ways”, Map Size Hinted At

Red Dead Redemption 2’s open world experience feels “real” and “new”- and apparently, it’s really, really big.

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sprinterboy90d ago

Yep finish @16.30 on Friday, then not back in work till Monday night 19.00 sweet. Pre download will be done Thursday then I'll click on the rdr2 icon before going to work Friday morning make sure everything else is done for when I finish work.

Nebaku90d ago

Don't worry, you'll get out of work before the developers do!

PhantomS4290d ago

This is the first game in a few years that I'm actually going to be awake for midnight to play as soon as it unlocks.

3-4-589d ago

Remember.....take your time with this game. Savor every moment, don't rush the journey and explore everything.

UltraNova89d ago

God this is terrifying...a massive open world where I'm compelled to explore everything...I aint touching another open world game for months after RDR2.

Matrix690d ago

Gonna create a few PS4 themes for my background

Artemidorus90d ago

Still not seen one physical copy yet.

iplay1up290d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Will be playing on X1X. This is just one reason I have one! Plus the 1X is whisper quite. No airplane noise!

neutralgamer199289d ago

As a pro owner there are games like God if war which does make pro loud but if a little louder console means more games and exclusives than that's a nothing much

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The story is too old to be commented.