Positivity in Games Journalism – Jon Cartwright

In this feature, Mikein2D asks six questions about the positive side of gaming journalism and other topics of interest to Reggie Reviews. Today we have GameXplain’s Jon Cartwright!

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chris23590d ago

if there was such a thing as game journalism it would be cool. but all i see is biased fanboys who write bs articles for the sake of click revenue. serious blogposts that leave the personal rainbow out and concentrate on pure facts is very rare these days.

AK9188d ago

Damn this hurts so much because of how true it is.

rainslacker88d ago

I don't think it's very rare, but it often goes unnoticed, or people just don't care in general.

playnice88d ago

There are a few reviewers that remain optimistic about gaming without being biased. ACG on youtube comes to mind...

ChristianReggieWait88d ago

Sorry to hear you being so disheartened about games journalism chris235. Perhaps you should go about changing that?