Reggie on leading Nintendo's staff during the dark days of Wii U and constant reinvention

While Nintendo was at the top of its game during the Wii era, the same can’t be said of Wii U. Wii managed to sell 100 million units while Wii U unfortunately couldn’t even make it to 15 million. There were certainly dark times, but Nintendo navigated through those difficult years and has found success once again with Switch.

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michellelynn097695d ago

Reggie is one of the nest presidents for any company. He really has come into his own and his influence is really showing.

2pacalypsenow94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

What influence?

In the last 20 years, they’ve had 2 successful home consoles.

And they refuse to evolve.

blacktiger94d ago

2 what are you, on crack? 2??

Super Nintendo
Nintendo 64
Nintendo Wii but a bad for gamers but money is money
Nintendo Switch ( I don't know about that yet,)

Now the games, they are milking it real hard and good. Almost all of the games are always top 10! And they release 15 games per year or more.

Theknightofnights94d ago

In the last 20 years they have had the Nintendo 64, the Gamecube, the Wii and the Wii U for home consoles They've also had the Gameboy, the Gameboy Advanced, the DS, and the 3DS for dedicated portable consoles. Of course there is the Switch too.

Out of all of those consoles they've had 6 successes and one on track to become a success. That's a pretty good track record, honestly.

blawren494d ago

no evolution? You are talking about Nintendo, right?

Segata94d ago

Gamecube made money yo. Didn't set the world on fire in sales but it still made them money. PLus they never had a handheld fail and DS is the second best selling system of all time. Then when you look at the best selling games of all time list. They are on that list more than anyone. They have 25 of the best selling games of all time and most of them came within the past 15 years including more recent games like Mario Kart 8 and Pokemon on 3DS.

michellelynn097694d ago

That's why they're getting companies and games they normally didn't like Blizzard and Bethesda. That's why they're doing games like Daemon X Machina, Monolith's new ip and Game Freak's new ip.

TekoIie94d ago

"And they refuse to evolve."

Sorry but saying Nintendo refuses to evolve? They can definitely be slow to pick up certain things but in terms of hardware, they're by far the most varied throughout the ages.

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rainslacker94d ago

Really? I have nothing against the man, he seems perfectly pleasant and a genuinely good guy, and I'm sure he does his job fine, but I never really felt he had much influence on the course that Nintendo takes in any market.

chris23595d ago (Edited 95d ago )

this guy = puppet on a string from kyoto management. beyond embarrassing but i guess his salary is very cool so he swallows the indignity and goes on with the money,

King_Noctis95d ago

What the hell are you on about?

SuperSonic9194d ago ShowReplies(2)
rainslacker94d ago

I don't think he has much influence on the paths that Nintendo takes, but the man probably does whatever job they require of him, which is managing the US offices and market, and doing what he can to make Nintendo's products successful in the North American markets. He's been in charge of Nintendo of America for quite some time.

I think the man actually enjoys his job too, and is one of those execs who isn't a complete tool like some execs in the industry.

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sprinterboy95d ago

He has a face you just want to punch, I can't stand the guy

SuperSonic9194d ago

Good thing Nintendo's overalll market share has shunk to less than 10% of the video game industry. And it continues to shrink everyday....

King_Noctis94d ago

The Switch outsells the PS4 in Japan every week and continue to outsell the X1 everywhere else as well. So how is it shrinking? You sir should just stop. You haven’t a clue when it comes to Nintendo.

paintedgamer198495d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Im sure the wiiu gen were dark times for Ningendo. It was really a site to see them go from dead last, laughing stock of the gaming community, to BACK IN BUSINESS. It was remarkable. Noone could have really predicted that if someone said, "yeah the wiiu isnt all that great but just wait until you see whats next", we would have laughed them out of the building.

I really interested to see what Nintendo does when the 9th gen kicks off proper. The other systems will finally offer streaming services on any device. Once Sony and MS go portable, what will be The big N's next move? Im fine with a Super Switch (my name) in 2020 or later. It also couldnt hurt if the joy cons were +10 button controllers as well. Portability, was Nintendos ace in its sleeve with the Switch (which they predicted masterfully), what will be that something different to differeciate itself?

remixx11694d ago

It's funny cuz I loved my Wii u, sure it wasn't a mountain mover or anything but games like botw, Mario kart 8 and smash 4 were always keeping me coming back, it was a great system to own along side my ps4.

paintedgamer198494d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I never said it wasnt, i said the 9th gen wont really kick off until sony and ms show up. Switch is 9th gen but its really a poor example of it just speaking of its online network alone... forget all the games that skip the platform.

Glak1894d ago

And my Switch continues to sit boxed in my closet...

Nintendo you so good.

Theknightofnights94d ago

What games do you own for your Switch?

blawren494d ago

You are proud of that? That just makes you look foolish

DJK1NG_Gaming94d ago

I doubt you own one. The fact that you biught something you still didn't open

michellelynn097694d ago

I know. I don't think they did either.

King_Noctis94d ago

You should sell it. I’m sure it will get a happy home somewhere.

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