Spider-Man update addresses the game’s puddle controversy

Insomniac adds new puddle stickers so you can increase the number of puddles yourself!

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marioJP8794d ago

😂 They snapped with that!

Why o why94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Kill the concerned hollow trolls, resuscitate said trolls, kill them again. . . Insomniac = ruthless

Skull52193d ago

You have to go into the game and pause it in photo mode to add more effects? Sounds like the puddles really were tapping out the power of the PS4.

Atticus_finch93d ago

Skull521 seems to be the first casualty.

IamTylerDurden193d ago


Funny enough PS4 still has the best looking games, so i wouldn't worry about power.

doggo8493d ago (Edited 93d ago )


"You have to go into the game and pause it in photo mode to add more effects? Sounds like the puddles really were tapping out the power of the PS4"

LMAO. don't even come here and try. You WISH you had an exclusive as great as spiderman on xbox... You don't though, because there simply isn't anything as good. Unfortunately for you, PS4 is home to the best looking games this generation. The reason being,
superior first party devs (and third party one's like insomniac). Does it hurt? If you're jealous, just keep your mouth shut and go to bed.

rainslacker93d ago

Maybe photo mode is the only place people care about puddles. More likely people care more about continuously making those who made a fuss about it and turned it into some console war thing look like the idiots that are. Glad the dev is not just letting the issue for quietly, because the whole downgrades thing has gotten stupid for ps games.

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AspiringProGenji94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

An embarrassing moment for gaming but alas just another fake news to downplay a PS exclusive

LightofDarkness94d ago

It was more an over reactive and I'll informed attempt to hold a developer's feet to the flame for misleading trailers. But you keep living in that weird bubble world where large swathes of society just want to downplay PlayStation exclusives because Xbox, or however your paranoid delusions manifest themselves.

CDbiggen94d ago

I think I understood what you said. I think downgrades should be pointed out, but like you said, it was exaggerated.

LightofDarkness94d ago

Insomniac did nothing wrong, really. They upped the visual ante, if anything. The person's heart was in the right place, but they were wrong on this one. They did the wrong thing for the right reasons, if ya catch my drift.

Trez123494d ago

You're the one living in a very very weird bubble. We all know who pushed that so called puddle gate. Did you see the same reaction with State of decay 2? Because not only their trailers were misleading big time, they also said it was going to be an AAA title.

It was indeed a sad moment for gaming because in the end, some Xbox, Nintendo fans are enjoying the game too. stop crying wolf because fanboys from all sides have their moment and you're maybe the worst type aka " stealth fanboy" judging by your comment.

LightofDarkness94d ago

Oh look, another one. I game on all platforms. Just because you have a mental age of 7 doesn't mean you get to project your playground neuroses on to others.

I'm sure some moronic fanboys revelled in the nontroversy, but I didn't mention any group in particular in my post, you just assumed that I'm attacking all PlayStation fans. Which is a beautiful window into another beautiful mind, sadly.

goldwyncq94d ago

Just ignore these kids, they're not worth your time.

AspiringProGenji93d ago

Nowhere I mentioned xbox so relax, and the pattern is there not to notice it’s been only PS exclusives being accuse of this nonsense. Give it up already! There was even a site here that purposely spread lies controversy for clicks, and when we spotted the Bs with Detroir and GoW we we called “defensive, fanboys” l kinds of names and in the end we were right, and not surprise that many of the xbox fanboys of this site gave that guy so much props when he was in the comments defending his site

doggo8493d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Lmao, just look at that tool SKULL521 for proof that stupid movements like #puddlegate are driven jealous, raging fanboys.


Perhaps you should take your own advice, ignore people here and Maybe go comment on something that concerns you, something other than Spiderman.

Dark_Knightmare293d ago

The trailers weren’t misleading so your “theory” is garbage

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chiefJohn11794d ago (Edited 94d ago )

In all fairness the visuals in the trailer didn't look good compared to the first reveal trailer. It undeniable a blind man could see it. It was cut scenes that looked bad. So ppl yelled downgrade.

MasterCornholio94d ago

It was due to arguing on whether the game received an overall downgrade due to a change in the quantity of puddles in just one scene. Hence why it was called puddlegate.

Anyways those who tried to prove that there was a downgrade were destroyed by eurogamers analysis.

Vizigoth0493d ago

Let's assume for a minute that that was true. It still looks and performs better than anything on Xbox.

doggo8493d ago (Edited 93d ago )

O Lord, here we go. This ship has already LONG sailed. If you want to eat crow AGAIN, do yourself a solid and go to digital foundry and watch their spiderman analysis. You might get red in the face after watching it. You know you've already lost this battle. Just move on, maybe go try up another hobby. I Hear building puzzles and flying kites are fun activities. I'm just trying to save yourself some embarrassment.

doggo8493d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I actually can't people there are people stupid enough to still try and call spiderman out for a downgrade when it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt there was NO downgrade of any sort by digital foundry (and gamers alike). Good night. Try again next generation.

Dark_Knightmare293d ago (Edited 93d ago )

No armchair developers like you just need to quit acting like you know better than the developers making the game it’s old and 9 out of 10 times you make yourselves look like fools. I did love watching the concern trolls go into hiding when the game released and digital foundry said the game was actually upgraded lol

chiefJohn11793d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Lol I point out something small and look at the insecurity 😂 you ppl need to take a second look at your life. In your feeling over nothing. Dude brings up Xbox like Igaf. Guy says eat crow again as if have before or something lol I never even mentioned this or cared. It's a damn trailer shid not the final product. It's like y'all looking for a downgrade debate when there isn't one.

Here there a clear difference in the cut scenes look at 0:24
Don't care either way just proving the unjustified haters wrong. Pointing out a specific cut scenes nowhere Miles and Spidey
didn't look as good compared to a previous trailer piss y'all boff that much? Im Simply pointed out the reason some called downgrade cause I didnt hear about puddle gate. Anyway enjoy.

@master really? Lol ya that is stupid asf ppl complained about puddles? 😂 smh

rainslacker93d ago

Glad to see you still fighting the good fight John. /s

chiefJohn11793d ago (Edited 93d ago )

For the record since some ppl lack common sense and reading skill. I'm not saying it was downgraded.

rainslacker93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

So, I'll answer your question here instead of in the PM you sent me asking why people don't understand what you're trying to say.

"For the record since some ppl lack common sense and reading skill. I'm not saying it was downgraded."

"In all fairness the visuals in the trailer didn't look good compared to the first reveal trailer. It undeniable a blind man could see it. It was cut scenes that looked bad."

So....I'm no expert on the English language, and maybe English isn't your first language....but what part of that 2nd quote....which started this thread....makes you think that you aren't suggesting that the game wasn't downgraded?

Your original comment quite explicitly states that the game was downgraded based on the reveal trailer, and later trailers, and that even a blind man should be able to see it....implying that it was a very obvious downgrade.

Maybe you meant something else.

So, instead maybe people aren't lacking reading comprehension, but you in fact lack the ability to express your thoughts properly in writing.....thus, lack skill in writing.

Oh....and you have a history of trolling, so that may have something to do with it. You also have a bad habit of bringing up past "controversies" surrounding PS games or general PS related things, as they're still somehow fact, and use them to base your arguments on....typically with nothing more than repeating the clumsily provided arguments that others did in the past, and were usually proven wrong on.

In other words, people understand what you're trying to say, they just don't believe your BS.

Sorry if that's too much of a wall of text for you, since you ignore them when people make arguments against you. I'm sure your skills at reading comprehension can get you through it.

UCForce93d ago

No, you just made a poor excuse. You know what is funny. The guy on Twitter who posted controversy about Spider Man being “downgraded” and a lot of people got attention. But when DF confirmed the game is upgrade, he got screwed for lying and even worse he got lying again for not believing the game would sell about 3 million units in 3 days like God Of War was. He got so upset that he blocked me on twitter.

DF said that it has to do with manpower, not hardware. Some people complained the E3 version was too unrealistic and Spider Man Suit look like a plastic than clothes, so they changed it for more natural look. The puddle is still there, not from E3. If you look other area, they have more puddles. Just saying.

doggo8493d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Chief John

Please just watch this trailer, go sit down and keep your yapper quiet. This ship has sailed, you lost LONG ago.

It's very obvious you are in the wrong, it's actually so embarrassing.

chiefJohn11793d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Dogg I gave the time stamp where the specific 2 cutscenes didn't look as good. instead of getting your panties in a bunch and taking it a hate you'd realize its not a big deal as the rest of the scenes were fine and actual gameplay visuals was great or even upgraded by release but youre so much of a fanboy pointing out something small get you hyped up and in defense mode when it not needed. DF video is irrelevant cause it points out nothing about what I said. I simply let you know the 2 specific scenes that made some ppl do a double take. I take it you never gave a game you liked constructive criticism no matter how small.

@UCforce true I won't lie I actually did say the iron suit looked like leather but after seeing the avengers it actually supposed to look like that cause in the movie it didn't really look like metal to me either. So the game did capture the suit like the movie did. Its the way the suit is designed. It being metal yet skin tight without any joint cut outs. I don't recall anyone complaining about the normal Spidey suit. Nothing about it looked plastic to me so idkwtf those ppl were talking bout.

@ rain see if you could read I clearly state and give a time stamp to 2 scenes that didn't look as good as the reason why OTHERS were calling downgrade. No where did I say the rest of the game or in-game play or anything beyond that two scense was lacking. If I'm telling you personally I didn't think the was downgraded, wtf are you arguing about it?

rainslacker92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

I'm not arguing. I made a sarcastic comment based on your original comment which was implying that the game was downgraded, and based the context of your comment on the constant trolling of PS related topics or games. I don't really feel much need to argue with you over topics of PS downgrades, because you never really have anything relevant to say, or add, that hasn't been said hundreds of times before, with hundreds of counter arguments to either prove it wrong, or in some cases maybe justify which shouldn't be defended.

I then proceeded to tell you why people thought you were saying the game was downgraded. If you were just trying to point out why others were saying it, then why even bring it up? It doesn't really justify all those other people's comments or concerns in the context of the original poster, and the reasons other people were yelling it is still pretty embarrassing for them.

If you can't see why people are calling you out, then the problem isn't people's reading comprehension, it's your lack of actually expressing yourself properly, and your comment history. If you're going to continuously talk crap about PS, don't be surprised if people take your comment out of context...which I don't think was done here.

I often criticize MS, and don't usually have much problems with Sony where I feel obligated to express concern, so I fully understand why some people think I might be saying something I'm not when I criticize them. Instead of trying to put down those people by saying they lack reading comprehension, I try to stick to the argument at hand and back up my position, with the occasional falling into the trap of personal back and forths.

You'd have a stronger position to stand on if you didn't say that the downgrades weren't so apparent that a blind man could see it.

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MasterCornholio94d ago

Oh look now you can upgrade the game yourself if you want to.


Puddlegate was so stupid in my opinion. So many were owned by eurogamers analysis.

doggo8494d ago

Puddle gate was so stupid - fact

rainslacker93d ago

It may have been stupid. But it was just another entry in the list of reasons why we shouldn't take these people seriously when they make their claims.

Boy who cried wolf comes to mind, and eventually, something will come along worthy of criticism, and people won't listen. Sure many wouldn't either way, but more won't now. People reap what they sow.

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