Children of Morta is Current-Gen Retro at its Best

Developer Dead Mage is looking to blow all other pixel art rogue-likes out of the way with Children of Morta, set to release soon. Featuring a gameplay trailer, press art, and a discussion of concepts involved in the game.

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Rhezin2092d ago

Need this game on PS4 NOW!

Level3News2092d ago

My sentiments exactly. I’m worried that they just have the tentative TBA 2018 release date. Hoping we don’t have to wait much longer.

MWH2092d ago

God damn rogue like smh.. probably still going to get it.


Humble Bundle 11 Bit Collection packs Frostpunk, Moonlighter, Children of Morta, and more

The Humble Bundle Complete 11 Bit Collection just launched today. It includes nine items including Frostpunk, Moonlighter, Children of Morta, and more. As always, a percentage of profits from the bundle go to charity.

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614d ago

The Prince of Persian Music - Composer Hamidreza Ansari

Hamidreza Ansari is the composer for Children of Morta and the Persian-influenced music of The Tale of Bistun.

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Here Are The Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass In July 2022

Microsoft has updated the list of games that will be leaving Xbox Game Pass soon in July 2022. Here's the complete list of games.

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EvertonFC740d ago

These games just prove all subscription services are filled with 75% filler crap .

MadLad740d ago

Another gamepass article
Another negative Everton comment

Rinse, repeat.

EvertonFC740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

I said ALL subscription services, learn to read .
Also I'm getting a Xbox series X for flight sim and replaced on GP.
It's ok to be negative against Sony and MS you know, it doesn't mean you're a fanboy to wanting everybody to do better.
You woke kids totally read things wrong it's embarrassing these days.
I take it you love all the games on these subs ? Cause I can guarantee you don't and a big portion is pants ps plus included. Were only honesty interested in about 25% of the games if that, it's no different to Netflix, Disney or Amazon.
But you carry on bending over and having a good cry.

Orbilator740d ago

Would hardly call carrion filler crap!! Awesome game

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MadLad740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

My reading skills are fine.
Same for my writing.

Your grammar on the other hand.

It is ok to be critical of any platform. Yet you aren't. You're constantly bashing Microsoft's service .. yet you have positive things to say about Sony's. This is just based on your recent comment history.
I thought all games services were bad. Why is that statement only made in articles regarding Gamepass?
Why even are you invested in articles regarding things you don't like?

EvertonFC740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Like I said I'm buying a series X and GP I'm just pointing out a big portion of these are filler.
Btw what's wrong with my grammar? It's probably not perfect but it certainly isn't bad by any means.
Also I'd take a look at your grammar.

Chris12740d ago

@EvertonFC your post history shows youre a complete fake. You even used the term Xbots the other day. Get real.

neutralgamer1992739d ago

Man y'all have way too much time to keep track of who's commenting what. It's a plastic box just enough the content

BrianOBlivion739d ago

Most pixellated retro games, annual sports games and multiplayer anything are garbage afaic, but... one man's filler is another man's treasure. Carrion was great btw.

Orchard739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

Perhaps. But the other 25% makes it good bang for your buck and more than covers the subscription fee.

The other way of looking at it: the only games leaving are small/lesser known ones. The big games remain in the service.

EvertonFC739d ago

Totally agree, I never said otherwise

NotoriousWhiz739d ago

Anytime someone uses the term "woke", you just know their opinion is about to be poor. Leave "woke" and other "boogeyman" terms out your comments and maybe people will take you more seriously.

MrBaskerville739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

Well, you can't reall expect a service to be fully catered to your specific taste. If it was, most other people would probably find it kinda crappy.

All services is bound to include a lot of stuff some people would dislike, just means there's variety which in turn raises the chance that everyone can find something they'd enjoy.

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Games1st739d ago

Children of Morta (Xbox, PC)
Cris Tales (Xbox, PC)
Atomicrops (Xbox, PC)
Lethal League Blaze (Xbox, PC)
Carrion (Xbox, PC)

Removed from the service by July 15

monkey602739d ago

I never got around to trying Cris Tales. Loved Carrion though would definitely recommend.