Here's Why Getting a PS4 Slim Instead of Pro in 2018 Makes Sense

The PS4 has been out for over 5 years now, and with Sony releasing an upgraded version, we ask whether it's really worth paying the extra price.

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xRacer74x92d ago

If you do not have a 4k tv, slim is fine. You are doing your self an injustice if you have a 4k tv and you buy the slim over the Pro.

KwietStorm90d ago

Even if you don't have a 4k tv, performance modes are an automatic for me. If you don't already have a PS4 and the extra hundred bucks isn't isn't an issue, I don't know why you would get the slim.

DarXyde90d ago

I'd probably get a Slim if my base PS4 failed, and I have a 4K TV. The hardware is smaller, likely more reliable/ quieter, and that generational leap from now to PS5 will be that much sweeter.

I just don't see the point of upgrading the hardware. I feel relative certainty that PS5 will enhance PS4 games beyond what Pro can do.

Skull52189d ago

Generation is winding down, best to just wait on the new systems unless you got money to burn.

milohighclub89d ago

Plus supersampling actually makes a massive difference...

bouzebbal89d ago

Pro is really mucb better.. you get HDR and performance boost on 1080p screen, which i think is the best setup.
I played Horizon in 4K, but God of War in performance mode and it changed a lot.

Alexander1Nevermind89d ago


My gaming addiction will not allow for that. If my console failed I'd replace my Pro with another Pro quickly. At the very least I would look into a used one if the 5 had a listed release date to save a few bucks.

Dragonscale89d ago

@skull, does that logic also apply to xbonex as well?

thejigisup89d ago

Literally only reason to get the slim is to save money. Whether it's small performance bumps now or later they are worth it. Not to mention the super sampling. Even with the new consoles around the next year or two the pro will help the PS4 feel a lot less antiquated and give them buffer zone between the two gens. We also don't know 100% how BC will work on the newer systems so I think it's a safe bet.

DarXyde88d ago


They play the exact same games, so I don't particularly care about how antiquated PS4 feels. Money is definitely a factor as you've stated, and I would much rather just reestablish access to my existing collection at a discount than upgrade my hardware just to play the same games I always have. It's a nice little incentive to play games in their premium condition, but I've never really been hung up on that stuff. Of all the games in my collection, Bloodborne has the worst performance, but still extremely pleasurable and enjoyable. I'm pretty okay with not upgrading.

Like I said, it will make the transition to PS5 that much sweeter. Obviously, the gap between PS4 and PS5 will be bigger than the gap between PS4Pro and PS5. I see no reason to upgrade.

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KillZallthebeast90d ago

If my launch ps4 dies I am getting a pro even if it's just a minor performance boost. Don't really see why not if its just like 100$ difference. 4k or not.

badz14990d ago

same here. I was holding up on the Pro just because my launch unit is still working fine. I was THIS close to buying the Spider-man one but the store where I live can't get any unit of it so bummer...

but yeah, if my PS4 ever decide to give up and die, the Pro is the only logical replacement for me.

Shiken90d ago

I traded my launch PS4 for 165 when GoW came out and bought a pro. Essentially I only paid 235 for the Pro, and the rest went into biying 4 other PS4 games that I wanted.

AspiringProGenji90d ago

I had the base PS4 and was doing better than I expected on my 4K TV. I would notice some jaggies and washed colors but overall it was fine. I was pretty against the Pro but that Spiderman PS4 pro made me eat my words. NO regrets. I've noticed big improvements in GoW and Horizon. Spiderman looks awesome on it too

UltraNova89d ago

Haven't seen that much of a visual difference but the performance stability over the base ps4 has been totally worth it, especially on my 4K tv.

Kosic89d ago

I can't really agree with that. I got a 4k TV first then got the pro. The difference between standard and TV upscaling Vs 1440p upscale is minimal. Not many games run true 4k on the PS4 pro to get excited over its 4k capability.

It's a tad sharper. But I wish I stuck with the standard and put the cash towards an X to see if that was any better with performance.

frostypants89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

IMO HDR is a much bigger deal than 4K, and the OG PS4 supports HDR now.

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PhoenixUp91d ago

You can find the slim model for $270 new in some retailers that still sell the 500GB model

masterfox91d ago

there is no wrong option , but if you have the extra cash go for the PRO even if you have only an HD, that multi-sampling option will do wonderful things to your games for a HD only TV ;)

purple10191d ago

thats what i have done its sitting under a 32inch 1080p tv which i sit quite close to due to small room, looks lovely.

not to mention it was designed for VR. would you believe its (the pro) code name was "neo" while the psvr's code name was project "morpheus" no chance that's coincidence,

It runs vr ever so slightly faster.
it has ever so slightly quicker loading times.
it improves 1080p games with slightly better smoothing.
it comes with 1tb hard drive as standard.

all small things, but if you can get a deal on one or a bundle with a free game I say its worth the extra. especially for vr and even if not, will probably hold value better if one day you want to trade it in.

milohighclub91d ago

Wasn't the vitas codename trinity too? I believe it was the vita, dont quote me.

Apocalypse Shadow90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

There's no proof that Pro was designed for PSVR. It just happens to play it better as a more powerful system would do.

The fact that the base PS4 also plays VR, and quite well, and the controller was built with the LED that no one knew was for, means that Sony was thinking about VR and motion tracking way before Pro.

Code names are just that: code names. And as milo said, there was also a code name trinity presumed to be for a vita update
A poster joked that trinity died, but so did neo. Morpheus is the only one that lived.

Apocalypse Shadow90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

So, if we're going on the idea that Sony patterned their hardware after Matrix the movie, then it means Neo (PS Pro) dies, Trinity(PS Vita) dies and that only leaves Morpheus alive. Meaning VR is Playstation's future.

It's ridiculous that gamers are reading into the code names as fact that Pro was only made to push VR. When base PS4 plays VR fine. It's like saying Pro was made to push HDR when the base PS4 does HDR too.

Way to use your heads people. I love my PSVR, but I'm not going to read into a code name as fact unless Sony stated that's what they did. Whatever.

rainslacker90d ago


I think trinity was an unofficial code name. It's official code name was some sort of acronym which I can't recall. Based on when the Vita launched, it predated the neo and morpheus nomenclature. OGPS4 was code named Orbis, which meant orbit, as in a planet. Not sure why it was picked or what kind of metaphoric significance it had.


I don't think the Pro was designed specifically for VR. I think it was designed more to support some kind of 4K. It does run VR better, but Sony hasn't said anything specific about what they did to improve VR through it.

Livingthedream89d ago

I had both, a slim and pro version and IMO the pro was worth the extra money. I ended up selling both recently those peeps got a good deal and I got a lot more $$ than selling to gamestop. If you're trying to find a good deal, let it go or offer up are good places to search.

JackBNimble89d ago

I doubt there would have been any mid Gen upgrades without psvr, I don't think it's a coincidence that they released around the same time.

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PlatinumKing198291d ago

pretty much the only reason i picked up a PRO over the slim was the optical port on the PRO. Now ive got a 4k tv so it also makes the PRO more worthwile now.

Master of Unlocking89d ago

Optical port? You mean a port to connect an optical cable to enjoy surround sound with an AV receiver? The PS4 Slim and base PS4 have it too, even the PS3 has it, and so did the PS2 (even though there were only a handful of games that had cutscenes in DD 5.1)

343_Guilty_Spark89d ago

The Slim does not have optical

rainslacker90d ago

Don't think you could go wrong with either one.

Games still look good on OGPS4, but the pro does give some faster loading times, and the supersamping is nice on 1080 screens. I guess it really just depends on how much money one wants to spend on entering the generation. But if they have the means, the PS4P isn't much more than the OGPS4, and I think one would be more satisfied with the PS4P in the long term.

Gahl1k89d ago

Exactly, I have been mainly a PC gamer, but I couldn't miss out on PS4 exclusives anymore (GoW really pushed me to my limits). I got a PS4 Slim bundled with 3 awesome games (UC4, HZD, and GoW 3 remastered) for half the price of a PS4 Pro (it is quite expensive where I live), and used the rest of the money to get other exclusives.
Best decision in my entire life; can't imagine myself not playing some of the best games released this generation.