Will Call of Duty Campaigns Be Gone Forever? The Cost of No Campaign

This year, Call of Duty has dropped its campaign from its list of playable game modes. But why? and at what cost?

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Movefasta199392d ago

they purposefully started making lacklustre singe players so that their fanboys could say ,' but the single player has been terrible for a while, who cares we don't need it!'

blacktiger92d ago

well tahts not true, call of duty has always been a bad game as a standard FPS shooter
Casual gamers don't know what single player is, they only know multiplayer, ask the new generation gamer.

Sure Call of Duty started as hardcore but after 3rd series it died down long time ago.
This is why the company is able to subtract single player because there is no fps gamer that actually likes it.

Godmars29092d ago

Or just more casual gamers than fans of shooters with an involved plot, which as already been noted began to die at inception of MP.

rainslacker92d ago

If the game sells like crazy, then they'll probably not make them anymore. Or maybe one day, they'll make one, and talk about the amazing return of the SP campaign, and how they put so much effort into it to make it the best thing ever.

If the game doesn't sell well, or fails to live up to expectations(because it'll sell well), then they'll re-examine if they should maybe spend a bit more money to provide a campaign.

Araragifeels 92d ago

Infinity Ward already mentioned few months ago that there Campaign is not going anywhere but i don't about Sledgehammer.

Profchaos92d ago

Sledgehammer although the newest studio of the lot has had the strongest campaigns recently with aw and WW2 they know how to tell a story

Zjet92d ago

As a huge COD fan and an avid contributor to offline specific threads, offline modes, custom games etc.

I certainly think the rumours that Treyarch scrapped their original vision of BO4 halfway through, the 'story' content they do have is online only, it links all to those rumours about a weird time travel esqe story, the multiplayer i love to bits, however the custom game settings are literally broken, not exaggerating, there is literal settings that do not work in the options menu.

Its the roughest launch i've seen for COD, and i have been with COD since day 1 with COD1, i certainly hope this isn't a pattern starting, i really do hope for a MW4 or something with a solid campaign as well as offline support (bots etc)

Kornholic92d ago

"Its the roughest launch i've seen for COD, and i have been with COD since day 1 with COD1,"

Fake news or you have a very short memory. WW2 launch was way rougher.

LucasRuinedChildhood92d ago

Didn't MW2's multiplayer borderline not work on PS3 at launch for a few days?

Razmiran92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

This has been one of the smoothest launches in the recent years, even if you dont like the absence of the single player campaign
Infinity Warfare was unplayable for the first 24 hours, and WW2 for the first two weeks almost

Profchaos92d ago

WW2 worked fine on launch for me the bugs I experienced were all related to the hub world so quite minor.

Actually WW2 was the best launch as someone forgot to turn triple xp of at one point so gamers were leveling up at 5x the rate when a double weekend was attached to the base triple xp

NobleRed92d ago

Infinity Ward already confirmed a campaign for Modern Warfare 4.

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