Red Dead Redemption 2: Are We Worried About Anything?

IGN: "On the eve of Red Dead Redemption 2 release, our Xbox crew discusses what, if anything, we're worried or nervous about heading into finally playing it."

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ArchangelMike31d ago

I'm just worries what my Mrs is going do when I'm balls deep in Red Dead 2 for the next month or so? o.0

bigmalky31d ago

My missus wants to watch me play it, after she watched the footage videos.


roadkillers31d ago

Probably find someone whose willing to go balls deep in her.

Valkron130d ago

Now I want to pre-order some of that!

Skankinruby30d ago

Lmao the wife makes similar threats when I game for too long

sprinterboy30d ago

Agreed 100%, I've done some special/extra stuff all month for her and she's been like "I wasn't born yesterday, what games coming out" she knows me too well haha.

JackBNimble30d ago

I'm taking my Mrs. as well as my son's with me in RDR2 universe, obviously not in single player but when online comes out.
We already play Ark and Gta5 together.

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LevelSmack31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I'm worried that it might not be the best game ever! Not sure what to worry about lol.

rainslacker30d ago

In this case, ign is only worried about clicks.

PhantomS4231d ago

Only thing that worries me is how awful travel will be without a horse. Not a fan of the horse bond feature. Simple rule for me, if the horse controls like a** or tries to run while I'm in a shootout on horseback then it's getting a bullet to the head. I want to play the game not sit there and pet a horse for 12 hours for it to work the way it should work by default.

Can't wait though, all the early previews are saying the details in this game are beyond amazing.

moomoo31931d ago

You can definitely be a ruthless horse owner you just wont bond with your horses obviously lmao

michaelknight3531d ago (Edited 31d ago )

Youre worry about too much horse bonding smh the stuff you kids say now days me i think its a great feature

bigmalky31d ago

Ask for an easy mode...


PhantomS4231d ago

Please pick out where I even mentioned difficulty? Oh wait, I didn't you're just ignorant. "SMH"

bigmalky30d ago

You basically say you don't want to put time of effort into horse bonding... You need an easy mode, or Ubi style shortcut microtransactions.

Still smh.

TheGoodestBoi31d ago

I'm worried that my expectations are sky high for the ball physics and I might get disappointed

Dark_Knightmare231d ago

I’m worried about the survival mechanics which seem superfluous and really have no business being there

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