Fable 2 "Criss Angel Glitch" Video

Glitch? Ability you gain as a good character? Shout out to the world's greatest real wizard besides Dumbledore? Jonathan Zungre of Ripten doesn't really know, but his buddy's morally good monk character in Fable 2 started inexplicably hovering inches above the ground with his arms up, much like Criss Angel does every day with just the strength of his will.

And the fat monk didn't lower his arms or stop levitating when he went to a new area or aimed the crossbow either. Click that link to see the weirdness.

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Nostradavis4278d ago

I never played the original but I might try this game out. It seems to be getting lots of praise. The only RPGs I have played are Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger. Am I missing out on much?

El_Colombiano4277d ago

Its WAY different that the ones you listed. I like myself a JRPG, this is a WRPG. Not turn based.

dericb114277d ago

It depends on if you looking for a open world RPG. Fable is nothing like Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy. That is not a bad thing its just Fable being open world gives you more to do and see while playing. Meaning you don't have to finish the game to enjoy it but you still get lots of gameplay doing quest and searching dungeons. Look it up for more details.

Nostradavis4277d ago

Thanks guys. I will give it a try. It's not like I will be playing FF anytime soon. :(

Raoh4278d ago

how does this game retain a high score with all its glitches?

BlackRaven854277d ago

Because it's very fun and doesn't have extreme glitches. Those that make the game unplayable... You are a troll. If you didn't know that, then why comment here. It's very enjoyable.

GWAVE4277d ago

So let me get this straight, BlackRaven. You don't consider glitches that force you to restart the game to be "extreme"? Because there are several of those glitches that have been reported.

bouncybullet4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

This happend to like 5 people.

That wasn't even a glitch.

They walked away from a mission briefing and during the briefing the npc walks down the road explaining the mission.

So when all those idiots that don't know how to play went back to the npcs original spot, he wasn't there!... omg...!

He is down the road.
you would have to walk by him to get back to his original spot.

(it doesn't ruin the game.)

AND you can always reload a previous save like any other video game.

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SlyGuy4277d ago

a crane in the sky causing the character to 'levitate'.

lol, agreed, made me laugh too.

NaiNaiNai4277d ago

trolls die sometime.
ill be at there graves pointing and laughing just like i do at the hobs in fable 2.
*points and laughs*

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