Monster mash: A West Virginia historian on the real life folklore behind the beasts of Fallout 76

Mothmen, Megasloths, and the creepy cryptozoology of Fallout 76’s monsters

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Hardiman90d ago

Man I wish this was a regular Fallout game!

PhantomS4290d ago

We all do. There is zero hype anywhere for this game.

Hardiman90d ago

Not sure why you got down voted because most early impressions weren't positive. If they'd have went a more traditional Fallout game with a SP, V.A.T.S. and had NPC's it would've fared much better.

As it is with the subpar game engine and always online it just comes off as a cash grab.

annoyedgamer90d ago

Ah yes the mothman. The lizardman needs to be in there too.

william_cade90d ago

Doesn't really matter "live service" games are shit. They could have made a New Vegas RPG style game, but opted for the cheaper investment. What happens after the game is bought and years from now the service is down because the lack of players? They still get all of their money - fuck them. Fallout used to be such a cool game series a long long long time ago.

Hardiman90d ago

So true and even with the outdated engine of this was more like New Vegas and less like Destiny I would've got it day one, no question. I love crypto creatures and being able to track them down or stumble onto them would be cool but I have no interest in this type of game! Hard pass for me!

william_cade89d ago

Good point - I would have bought it too. They could have at least went the Elder Scrolls route and called it Fall Out online. But the way they are doing it is a bit shady. And on youtube, there's a guy doing videos called " Solo vs Online play, when the whole game it's a full price online mandatory game. lol - Never seen so many heads in the sand.

Kingdroopy201889d ago

Why do you Butthurt crybabies come on every fallout 76 video just to repeat the same stuff over and over again?
We get it you are entitled and think you should be able to tell another company what games it is that they the right to make or not make we get !! How about this DONT BUY THE GAME. There are millions of people like me who have put over 400 hours into Fallout 4 and so much more in the other games Like The Legendary new Vegas and we are excited for this game and will enjoy it for what it is. Nothing wrong with a online only side game while we wait for Fallout 5.
You guys can keep crying about having to interact with other people thats just sad go outside sometime wtf.