Warframe’s new open-world expansion (“Fortuna”) is coming to PC this November

Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes is headed to the stars with its newest update: The Warframe® team announced today it will release the open-world expansion Fortuna, for free, this November on Steam PC.

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ZaWarudo91d ago

I'm worried that console won't get this until 2019. I hope i'm wrong, but DE usually takes 3-4 weeks to update consoles after PC, and that's for smaller patches. Fortuna is a HUGE update.

TGG_overlord91d ago

I hope that's not the case though, because it's never fun if you have to wait just because you're on console.

himdeel91d ago

Hoping we get it in December.

PMind90d ago

It's not so much DE, but Sony and Microsoft need to review and approve updates prior to release. Plains of Eidelon released for consoles almost exactly one month after PC. Good thing is that a lot of the PC hot fixes that comes during that time typically become part of the console update so a good chunk of bugs and tweaks are taken care of.

P_Bomb91d ago

Digital Extremes are Canadian? I never knew that.