HyperX Cloud II and HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headsets discounted

Amazon has discounted the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset to $89.99 and HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset to $68.50.

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ocelot0788d ago

I love the Cloud 2 headset pair it with a Astro Mixamp or Turtle Beach mixamp and your onto a winner.

tanukiesuit88d ago

I have the gun-metal black and I really dig the sound from it. Didn't know about the Astro/Turtle Beach mixamp - looks like something I'll be buying soon!

ocelot0788d ago

The USB amp the cloud 2 comes with is decent. But does not have a patch on the Astro/Turtle Beach. I use mine with both the Astro Mixamp TR (for PC) and the Turtle Beach Elite T.A.C for the PS4. The Turtle Beach is a little better due having a few more features.

parris88d ago

Yea it's a good headset especially for the under $100 price range. And the usb dongle has PS4 surround support.

ocelot0787d ago

Agreed the USB sound card that comes with it is good. However, I sold mine for £20 and put that towards a mixamp as they are a lot better in my opinion due to the amount of the control you have.