Marvel’s Spider-Man Update 1.08 Out Now, Here is What’s New

"Insomniac Games has just released the 1.08 update for Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 and we have the details on what’s new in the game."

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AspiringProGenji94d ago

Been waiting for this! Time to to play again

joab77793d ago

Live the NG+ and Ultimate difficulty. It will be a perfect step up with all the powers. I hope it’s really hard.

Abnor_Mal93d ago

Its great playing the game over with all your powers, it's what I said when they game first came out and got disagrees like crazy lol.
The ultimate difficulty in truth is not even that hard, it just takes a few more hits to put them down but not much, maybe two or three hits more. They should have added a superior mode for even "tougher" enemies. I know superior was Doc Ocks title but still there needs to be another ramp up.
The inclusion of a short cut to photo mode was a nice added touch.

PhantomTommy94d ago

A new difficulty mode you say? May have to squeeze in a second playthrough before the DLC hits.

SenorFartCushion93d ago

It's 2018 lol, it's never been less free in general.

joab77793d ago (Edited 93d ago )

NG+ and Ultimaye are free but the 3 story DLCs are not. Many have it if they bought it with the game at launch.

I wanna jump in so bad but have a week of DQXI b4 RDR2. Probably December and play all of them together.

SenorFartCushion93d ago

What's the appeal of new game+ when you can have that exact same experience with the one feature Insomniac stupidly left out: mission replay?

pyroxxx93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

maybe being a totally overpowered badass asshole, from the start.. (trust me,.. it is kind off fun)

sammarshall10293d ago

I love doing this in games when new game plus is added it makes the game better overall

SenorFartCushion93d ago

You usually have what you unlock in replayed missions, but if I wanted to replay the Electro fight or search for Peter's Spider-Drive again, I shouldn't have to play for 10 hours to earn myself back to those positions.

Imagine wanting to watch a season 3 episode 4 of Daredevil or The Flash and having to sit though the first three episodes before-hand. It doesn't happen in any other medium.

UCForce93d ago

You know Spider Man 2 the game didn’t have replay mission, right ? Besides, NG Plus have arrived and I will play it again for sure.

SenorFartCushion93d ago

Spider-Man on the ps1 did, as do a lot of open world games.

Spider-Man ps4 is my first platinum and that campaign has great missions with well-made cutscenes. Why should you have to play 12 hours just to play Scorpion/Rhino fight again?

It's dumb.

And in these instances, usually what you unlock show up when replaying a mission - which is all newgame+ is good for.

rainslacker92d ago

I don't play a lot of open world games, but I can't recall a single one I have played that had mission replay. Usually each mission is it's own thing, and when it's done, it's done. Usually because that mission plays out in the world's play field.

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