Red Dead Redemption 2 Tech Analysis: Key Improvements From GTA 5, World Building And More

GB: "In our first part of this three part series, GamingBolt’s Arjun Krishna Lal takes a look at the game’s lighting tech, improvements from GTA 5’s engine and more."

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roadkillers88d ago

Idk anything about GamingBolt, but it was a quality video

pyroxxx88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

you would be fucking wrong, ,.. I can say that with some conviction,.. just as I can say that 22 july crap movie I just saw was crap (because it is) Gamingbolt should not say anything about anything,.. they are worse than shit.

you liked the vis .- pass me the drink

Don't know why I go to juggular,.. I don't even care,..

It is like satanist talking about Christ (it is acrtually prevalsive)

wenaldy87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I'll give you an upvote, lmao.

pyroxxx87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

wenaldy ,.. you either have a sense of humor,.. or you just get it,.. either way thank you,.. you seem like a cool person. I was drunk as all hell,.. but reading it now,.. I was pretty on point.

angelsx88d ago

Ban gamingbolt from here

No Way88d ago

Or, yanno.. just don't visit the site or frequent the articles. Everyone has the right to publish what they want.. just as you have the right to ignore it.

roadkillers88d ago

I enjoyed what I watched, not 0s0ure where the hates coming from.

King_Noctis88d ago


Gamingbolt usually say good things about MS which itself is a crime around here.

rainslacker88d ago


GB is a publication that will require the most obscure indie dev to give them some technical information which is often obvious with a bit of common sense, then they twist it around to somehow be a negative towards Sony, even if the dev was speaking highly of Sony. Also most of those quotes are somehow always a good thing for MS from them.

So, when they come out and do a technical analysis of something on their own...without the benefit of some obscure indie dev telling them what's what....its hard to take seriously.

pyroxxx88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

It is like satanist talking about Christ (it is actually prevalsive) ,. Sorry in deep personal crap thing and watching Horror movies 22 july is damn bad ,.. but Ive seen You are next,.. fucking I have nightmares how bad this crap is.

sorry guys ,.. flipping out

Omnisonne88d ago

Let the pipe grow cold for a while dude

87d ago
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