PC Version Of Red Dead Redemption 2 Appears On Retailer Listing

PC Invasion: A PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 might be coming soon. It's currently listed in the Swedish website of Euro-retail giant MediaMarkt.

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searcam0191d ago

Oh this would be awesome if it's true. Not holding my breath though.

JaguarEvolved91d ago

I got so excited because I wanted it to be true. Hopefully there's a pc version announced soon but I'll just buy the ps4 version on launch day


DaReapa91d ago

Same here. Rather than get my hopes up, I'll just get this on PS4 at launch. Besides, I'd assume it probably won't release for another year if true. Unless of course Rockstar officially let the cat out the bag before next Friday.

playnice91d ago

At least on PS4 you can buy physical and sell it later on if you wanna buy PC instead... PC release should be cheaper and Rockstar games retain decent value :). This is one game that'll stay in my collection for sure!

Blu3_Berry91d ago

This is mainly why I'm holding off on buying it for ps4. This game has been listed for PC too many times so there is no way it isn't coming to PC.

deadfrag91d ago

You just have to wait a year or two Rockstar will release the PC version after they get RDR2 rereleased on the PS5 and Next Generation Xbox so i think in two years time the most!

shuvam0991d ago

Pretty much this...
If it comes to PC, it will come alongwith the PS5 and Scarlett remasters...

Psychotica91d ago

Why hold off? If it comes out later for PC just trade it in for a Steam voucher and buy it on Steam

Blu3_Berry91d ago

Because I got other games I still need to play through in my backlog.

JackBNimble91d ago

You're worried about your back log.... this is going to be one of the greatest games this Gen or maybe even ever.
There is a week to go and I feel like an 8 year old waiting on Xmas, I don't know how you could wait on this one.

jznrpg91d ago

Someone is just screwing with the PC crowd.

Orionsangel91d ago

We've heard this one before. Many times during the original RDR. We'd get our hopes up and then nothing.

Orionsangel91d ago

If it's true maybe they'll announce RDR1 on PC ahead of launch.

solidossnakos91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Not gonna happen.
RDR code is so messed up to the point if they wish to port it to pc, they need to rewrite it from scratch.
There's videos on YouTube explaining that.

Orionsangel91d ago

Never say never. Money talks.

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The story is too old to be commented.