Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice VR Review: A Third Person VR Experience | TechQuila

TechQuila recently got a chance to play Hellblade in VR using an HTC Vive and it was simply breathtaking. In this piece, they talk about the VR version of Hellblade

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NecrumOddBoy96d ago

is this going to get updated for PlayStation VR? I bought hell-blade but didn't start it yet so if there's a VR version potentially coming I think waiting would be really good. 3rd person VR experiences are my absolute favorite moss and astrobot are two of the best games to be released on any virtual reality platform.

porkChop96d ago

It won't be releasing for PSVR.

Zabatsu296d ago

Nothing ever will again, because of them being sellouts.

Dom_Estos96d ago

Nope. Bought by MS, and I don't buy their excuses of "it's a very graphical intense game" to be ported to the PSVR. They could scale stuff back to make it run, so it's bollocks, much in the same way Capcom's excuses for RE2 remake not being in VR are too.

Switch4One95d ago

Why would MS release a physical version of Hellblade for PS4 if they had nefarious motives for not releasing a VR version for PSVR?

Dom_Estos95d ago

Bit of an obvious one, isn't it? The game was released prior to MS acquiring Ninja Theory.The PC VR port came later.

rainslacker95d ago (Edited 95d ago )


505 is releasing the game physically. They likely had the agreement to do this before MS brought them, and MS would still be obligated to honor any contract they had. Otherwise, why wouldn't MS just publish the game themselves on the X1, instead of relying on 505 to do it? They certainly have the means. Same reason MS would honor the contract for whoever funded the VR version of the game. It was only speculation that MS blocked the PSVR version. I did find it odd however that NT being so positive about the PS4, not being that keen on the PSVR.

Anyhow, I can see MS allowing a physical release, because they'd actually make money off it. But as it is, MS may not hold the publishing rights to Hellblade, and the principals at NT may still hold some control over their properties despite being brought by MS. MS may not fund them for those properties, but they can possibly dictate the course of their prior IP's publication rights.