Snake's Original Voice Actor David Hayter Teasing His Role In Death Stranding?

Death Stranding is a game shrouded in mystery. However, actors and voice actors attached to the game are adding fuel to the fire. This time around, David Hayter, the original voice actor for Snake in Metal Gear Solid, has teased his return in upcoming Death Stranding. The hint that David Hayter might be joining Death Stranding comes from his own Twitter account. Kaz Miller voice actor, Robin Atkin Downes, Tweeted that he has a mission for snake and Hayter replied with a Tweet, Message received. Robin Atkin Downes previously Tweeted the artwork of Death Stranding with a caption “@Kojima_Hideo What was it all for…? If the Boss has some plan, what is it?”.

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chrisx1063d ago

Would be great to have hayter back in any capacity.

Nitrowolf21063d ago

I’d like him back in some form to, but I think this just may have to do with the movie tbh

naruga1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

while a bit of a duche bagg (especially after MGS4) ...i consider him the original ,the only and the best Snake voice actor...its acting in mGS1 and MGS3 is unsurpassed (in mGS4 is overacting a bit)....Kiefer Sutherland was horrible alltogether

Goldby1063d ago


but then again.

Keifer was never snake or boss

DarXyde1063d ago


How did he overreact in MGS4? He did a phenomenal job of portraying an old and grizzled Snake. Very calm and tired. Peacewalker I could understand, but not MGS4.

Richard Doyle did God's work with Big Boss though. A+++ acting.

Dirtnapstor1063d ago

Hayter became very bitter with Kojima because Kojima replaced him. Apparently this was in works for some time, but finally came about after MGS4.
Hayter did a great job as Snake. Curious as to how he will act now, if he's changed his post-MGS douchebag mentality.

P_Bomb1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )


I thought of that angle, but technically Keifer was OG Boss in Ground Zeroes and in Phantom Pain’s true ending where Boss and Ocelot light up by the bike. His legacy will be as the medic though.


Agreed. Richard Doyle did good with the mountain of exposition he had. To come outta nowhere and have to end the series, end the character, and pull it off without sounding green.

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MrSwankSinatra1063d ago

This is a BIG reach, but okay. lolol

gameseveryday1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Completely misleading.

Eonjay1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

*Facepalm* GB... you don't see the layers upon layers of irony here do you?

Exvalos1063d ago

Pretty big reach because hideo is actually the person that wanted hayter out of Mgs 5

Goldby1063d ago

because it wouldnt have made any sense.

why have the person iconic with snake voice a character that isnt snake or boss

solidsnake2221063d ago

... You do realize that the Japanese voice actor of Snake continued his work in the Japanese version of MGS5, right?

Goldby1063d ago

yes, and that person is also attached to DS.

Akio Ōtsuka is well known in japan and with people who are deep in with MGS.

but the average person associates David Hayter with MGS and snake mainly because the English version gets more air time.

as much as i enjoy listening to Akio Ōtsuka, i would say David Hayter is more the voice of snake than Akio is.

-Foxtrot1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

I’m surprised since Kojima replaced him with Sutherland in MGSV and didn’t even give the guy who’s played the character for 20 years a phone call to just say “look I’m doing this, this is why, no hard feelings”

Blew up in his face anyway since Sutherland was awful in the role.


I still haven't got over it

PitbullMonster1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Maybe he choosed someone else because of the plot twist?
*Spoiler Alert*
I mean Venom Snake is not Big Boss or a clone of him.

Goldby1063d ago

yeah thast what people always seem to forget or leave out.

Snake was never in the game, and having david voicing venom would have only made things more confusing and disjointed

generic-user-name1063d ago

@Goldby That would make sense, except Snake was in Ground Zeroes and was still voiced by Kiefer. Plus the real Big Boss does appear in Phantom Pain, as Ishmael/Cassette tapes/etc, and it's Kiefer again. Add on the fact that the Japanese actor was never replaced for MGSV and this excuse doesn't add up.

I love Kojima, but he did Hayter dirty.

CDbiggen1063d ago

The Japanese VA for snake didn't change for MGSV, so there goes that point.
Hideo is a celeb fanboy, that's the only reason keifer was bought in.

P_Bomb1062d ago

That’s true too, the cassette tapes after you beat it have HUGE story. You hear the real Big Boss in the hospital talking to Ocelot about everything that happened and will happen. The plans to move him etc, while medic’s still asleep. And of course the tape he recorded for Venom that Venom listens to right before Solid presumably kills him.

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RedDeadLB1063d ago

Oh come on, Sutherland did a much better job than Hayter ever did. The only thing about Hayter is that we're used to him voicing Snake.

The real issue is that Sutherland didn't have too many lines to work with.
That scene alone when you bring Quiet back to Mother Base outdid everything Hayter ever said as any Snake ever.

MWH1063d ago

People are free to have different opinions, even when it's wrong or in the minority.

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