Has a year of updates finally made Gran Turismo Sport worth playing?

In the year since its release, Gran Turismo Sport has seen quite a few substantial updates. A new career mode, more tracks, a crapton of cars and even microtransactions: Sport is a much heartier title than its 2017 incarnation. Even with those additions, though, the core of the game still feels off.

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sammarshall10254d ago

I'm still waiting for the update that allows me to save my progress offline and unfortunately it will probably never come

WickedLester54d ago

Boo hoo! Are you ever offline that this is a real issue for you or are you just complaining to complain?

jagermaster61954d ago

Maybe he is, why is that a problem?

darthv7253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Well what do you do if your internet is down and really want to play this game? With no access to the cloud save you are pretty much screwed.

Lets flip that coin for a moment and look at another cloud based save situation. 360 games on the xbo do not allow for local save files (but og xbox games do... weird) so if you play any 360 bc games on the xbo, your save files are in the cloud as well.

It's a bloody drag they went that route but then again I dont play any 360 games on my xbo. i have a 360 for that. People with ps4 and this game... they dont have a choice.

Skankinruby53d ago

While your arrogance is laughable I must say the whole 'what if your internet goes out?' pitch is exhausting now as console gaming is predominantly online in one way or another.

sprinterboy53d ago

Maybe he lives in a area without Internet and wanted to buy gts? Or maybe he has learning difficulties and social behaviour problems like my mum and dads adoption kid who's not aloud on the Internet (social services) but loves car games

sammarshall10253d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I'm offline a lot when I play games

The option to play a campaign offline should always be an option

Muzikguy53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I'm offline!


No, it's not. There are so many single player OFFLINE games released that gaming isn't predominately online in any shape or form. Unless you mean that multiplayer only games are predominantly online then yes

nix53d ago

The game initially came out as a multiplayer game. It's FIA so, they have the right to get strict so that players don't cheat. That's why every thing had to be constantly saved online. Remember those GT 5/6 days where you can download other people's saves and get all the cars. People can do same with qualifying.

As for the "campaign", it was an after thought after the people who bought it knowing it was full online only game started complaining. So stop bringing this topic up because you knew what you bought knowingly and thought Polyphony will fix it later for you.

Smok9153d ago

WickedLester, your post is only complaining.

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IRetrouk54d ago

It is a feature they could do with looking at, its really not bad though, only time you notice is when there is maintenance. Kaz did say it was to stop modders/cheats from being able to fake times or get other advantages.

Goldby53d ago

probably as well to keep obscene liveries out of the FIA

ninsigma53d ago

Yeah the no offline saving is dumb as hell and needs to be changed. Like who thinks it's a good idea to say I can't save my progress when not connected to the Web?? I haven't even played the online mode!

rainslacker53d ago

Game was predominately a mp game to begin with, so likely it wasn't really an issue. Would be nice if the sp campaign didn't require it. But all the license tests and of course mp progression is connected to the online aspects of the game, so why are offline saves really relevant to that.

dragonyght53d ago

well, you guys are pretty screw Next Gen -_-

gravedigger53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

GTS is worth playing since launch because superior online racing. Just because of that.


Online racing is where the REAL COMPETITION is. Never had so much fun in online racing. So, of course you can't save online progress when you're offline. And also, FIA demands it, if you didn't know.

michaelknight3553d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Im still waiting for the weather update if it ever comes to GT Sports

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IRetrouk54d ago

The games been worth playing from day 1, ridiculous the amount of hate this game got, people forgot the most important thing in a racing game is how it feels on the track, people concentrated on the car numbers, and the different career mode, while forgetting that it was always billed as an online gt.

purple10154d ago

Nice comment.. I agree. Had some on the best racing I've ever had on this game. Continues to get better.

Apocalypse Shadow54d ago

The problem is that most gamers today fear the discipline of real driving. They think it's boring and "Unvideogamey"(just made a new word.) And have gone back to arcade racing because it's easy. They want flash and confetti.

As parris said below, "Kool-aid man racing." Just look at Sony's competitor online. They attack GT about bumper cars. But their competitor's sim? has gamers crashing into each other left and right online. It's a known problem that hasn't been addressed. They're so used to crashing in the open world game, they don't know how to drive properly in the supposed sim.

Since GT is still regarded as the console driving simulator to own and backed by a real governing body, their competitor is now going to start over for their next game and trying to build it into a real sim because it still doesn't have GT's respect.

Kribwalker53d ago

Actually, the console driving simulator to own would be the project cars series. Higher rated, more content, backed by people in the racing industry as well
“Created by gamers, tested by world-class racing drivers from Team SMS-R, and the definitive choice of Esports pros... Project CARS 2 captures the essence of real racing in the most beautiful, intense, authentic, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet”

GT Sport is still just a shell of what GT games should be, and it’s apparent consumers agree, as it’s been one of the worst performing GT games in the series, commercially and critically. It took them 9 months to hit just 5 million players, not copies sold, and this game use to sell like gangbusters.

It was even beaten by Forza 7 in reviews and content as well, another game you are trying to dog

Prince-Ali53d ago (Edited 53d ago )


loooooooooooooooooooooooool!! !!! You get worse by the day bro lool... but whatever helps you sleep at night :-)... you CLEARLY have no idea what you're talking about because what you said damn near has nothing to do with his initial comment.. but you carry on being dumb *thumbs up*

darthv7253d ago

It's a real shame all that time went into creating the game we got because it is not a GT game other than in name. PD should really take a break from GT and use the time to reflect on making the game more approachable to players like they traditionally had done. They have alienated players with their new ideas but they could just use this as a learning experience of what works and what doesnt. The GT series has had its ups and downs. This one is just one of the downs so that means their next should be an up. Maybe even bring back the numbering system for the real GT7.

In the meantime, I'd love them to dip their toe in resurrecting a classic like omega boost.

IRetrouk53d ago

Pc 2 is nowhere near as good as gt sport, not even slightly, and the amount of content between the two games is actually far similar, graphics are worse, physics are worse, the only racing game with real world backing is gt... Gt sport is more than just a name, the physics and actual driving has not been matched yet this gen, you bring up forza again, and sales, but forget that every forza motorsport has sold less and less with each release, has a motorsport even reached gt 5 prologue numbers?
I see a lot of people talk about gt sport without playing it, gt sport is the first game made with the new engine, they dont need a break they need time to be able to now add to the engine just like turn 10 did with 5, 6 and 7, either way you spent a year talking this game down while ive been playing it for a year and having a blast, but hold on, its got no content, how have i played it for a year?? Oh must be the free cars and tracks every month...

docfranken253d ago


Do you actually enjoy making yourself look stupid?

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sampsonon53d ago

the industry is over run by casuals, that's the problem.

SierraGuy53d ago

Looks way better than horizon 4 if you ask me and Motorsport.

Kiwi6653d ago

And others will say that Forza is better than GT Sport so who really wins in that argument

rainslacker53d ago

All I really care about is the driving. I think gt:s offers up some of the best driving simulation available. Forza is fun, but in a different way. Graphics are fine on both, and when you're actually racing, all those little graphics tweaks really don't make much difference be sure I'm not paying attention to them.

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parris54d ago

If you want realistic racing and not a game where you crash through walls like the Kool-aid man, then absolutely.

jagermaster61954d ago

Don't try and talk bad about fh4 because you know that game is waaay better!

Kribwalker53d ago

gotta deflect somehow right

Atticus_finch53d ago

It isn't a way better simulator.

Gunstar7553d ago

Oh dear. Don't compare GT to FH. I'm embarrassed for you.

InMyOpinion53d ago

Hard to compare, but as a PS4 only owner who loves GT Sport I'd still swap it for FH4 in heartbeat if I could. Both great games though.

AmUnRa53d ago

Yeah FH4 is an arcadegame and GTS is far from that, its a driving simulator from the start of the Gran Turismo franchise.

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Kribwalker53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

“"Even with all of these additions to the core game, GT Sport is still just limp. Really and truly, I think Gran Turismo’s days are well behind it. It would take a radical re-invention of the series to bring it up to speed for whatever Sony’s next console ends up being. If GT Sport 2 is just this game but with more that really won’t be good enough. More content is nice, but an actual reason to interact with that content would be better. That is truly what is missing from GT Sport and always has been."

Ouch. Well it is barely in the rear view mirror of Forza but hopefully next gen Polyphony can learn from their competitors and deliver a racing title that matches Forza quality

53d ago
parris53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

If you say so... but Turn 10 just announced they are rebuilding Forza 7 to try to match the realism GT Sport provided.

If all you want is unrealistic racing that doesn't even try to replicate the actual sport in any shape or form then Forza has you covered, if you want realistic racing that real racing clubs and police forces use to train that can get you a real FIA license then GT Sport is the better game.

Silly gameAr53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

How are those Forza sells coming along? Do racing fans buy that game the way they buy GT yet?

I'm not a racing fan, so I'm not sure about how that goes. A person would kind of think that a quality racing game like Forza, would overtake GT. Why hasn't it? Why does it seem like it's only hardcore MS fanboys and the gaming media that hold Forza in such high regard?

Switch4One53d ago

Silly that's a stupid question. Playstation has more than double the fan base, let's start there.
GT has a deeper legacy with PS fans who traditionally buy more racing games.
Finally, sales are not a measure of quality, they are a measure of SALES.
Why do you fanatics like questioning reviews only when they don't line up with your agenda?
How is it that the media gets it right with The Last of Us, Uncharted, Spider-Man, Horizon Zero Dawn and the likes but suddenly they are wrong/biased when it comes to Forza and GT?

Get out of here with that weak a** nonsense.

Gunstar7553d ago

@silly game at
I assume you mean "sales"....
Xbox has 4 (Or is it 5) Forza games to choose from, you have 1 GT game. We can dip in a d dip out if the franchise on xbox one, you had No other option. Plus there is twice the installed user base on PS4.

So shove your "sells" where the son dunt shine

IRetrouk53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Ill give you a reason to interact with the content......hold on its a shocker......pick a car, then a track and race other people😱 crazy that eh? Your view on gt means very little krib, you haven't played it, every issue reviewers had is gone, more tracks, more cars and a traditional single player, you can repeat what others say till you are blue in the face, gt in forzas rearview? Gt is still more popular, is played more and has waaay more backing in the industry, forzas good, gts drives well ahead on track though.

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King_Noctis53d ago

Maybe you forget that MS also have a sim racing on top of an arcade one.

rainslacker53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Their sim racer isn't as good as their arcade one, and their sim racer is really lacking in proper physics by comparison.

Gt:s became more arcadey with its release, but not in the physics, only in terms of how one could modify their car....Even though there is still.plenty of that available.

King_Noctis53d ago

FM7 got 87 on Metacritic, while GTS got 75. While not as good as FH4, FM7 is not exactly a bad game compared to GTS you know.

rainslacker53d ago

I don't think FM is bad by any means. I just think that GT:S does much better on the driving physics front.

Horizon is really good though. Obviously, it's more an arcade racer, but it is a lot of fun, so I like it for different reasons that I like GT.

And most of the criticism over GT that brought it down was because people were rating it like a regular GT game, instead of the game they were trying to make, which was an online competitive racer. They knocked it heavily for having fewer cars, and not having a campaign mode. This is despite the fact that they said the driving was great. It was another victim of reviewers wanting it to be something it wasn't.

WickedLester54d ago

Great game that continues to get better and better. Dynamic day/night cycles and weather would be nice and some more metropolitan tracks would be great too. Other than that I really have no other complaints. Just a very well executed racing sim.

doggo8453d ago

Xbox fanboy - sucks to be you.

343_Guilty_Spark52d ago

I have a PS4....only fanboys are those that swear by one and don’t give the other console a chance.

Sea of Thieves sucked Days Gone looks awful

50d ago