Dress up as Pyramid Head in upcoming Metal Gear Survive event

A single play event called ‘The Researcher’s Story (Special Edition)’ is coming to Metal Gear Survive next week. By participating, players will be able to unlock special items for the game, including new cassette tapes containing Silent Hill and Castlevania music, and a Pyramid Head costume, so you can run around in the game looking like the iconic enemy from Konami’s famous horror series.

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Nyxus95d ago

Kind of surprising Konami is still supporting this game. Are people still playing this? Although this probably required a minimal amount of effort.

awdevoftw95d ago

I actually put about 100 hours into the game, and there is still alot to explore after beating it. I haven't played it in a while, but it was great while I was into it.

Nyxus95d ago

I got some enjoyment from the game as well (played it for around 40 hours), but I don't think it was a big success commercially. Also, while I don't think it's as bad as some make it seem it does not really live up to Metal Gear qualities in any department. I'm curious where they'll go next with the series, maybe first they should just try to make a remake of one of the older games, or even just a remaster for current gen.

bloop95d ago

Exciting news!! You can play as a character from a beloved franchise that Konami destroyed, in a game from a beloved franchise that Konami destroyed!! YAY!!!

Servbot4195d ago

I bet all 5 people still playing the game will love it.

VTKC93d ago

Konami are such A holes. They cancel Silent hill but put this in a game.