Battlefield 5 Developer Lost Staff After Star Wars Battlefront II's "Failed Launch"

From GameWatcher: "Star Wars: Battlefront 2 has had a fairly troubled development, and a number of issues have popped up with the game post-launch, too, but it seems that the problems are even worse than they first might've seemed.

According to DiGITAL, a Swedish business magazine, DICE have been losing employees left and right over the issues surrounding the development of Battlefront 2. Worse, since DICE employ about 400 people, losing 40 veteran developers means they've lost 10% of their active workforce over 2018."

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UCForce91d ago

Well, i’m not surprising about this. EA just hit another rock bottom.

-Foxtrot90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Now all the shit in Battlefield V makes sense, especially the first reveal trailer

They are desperate and want to try to be as appealing as possible

Hungryalpaca90d ago

And by trying to appeal to everyone they appeal to no one. I genuinely can’t tell what this game is trying to be.

A fashion show set in WWII? The heck is that? Isn’t battlefield supposed to be about working as a team? Being able to tell who the enemy is and make plans based on their profile? Like...if you notice a support player is dug in...don’t charge with a shotgun?

Now it seems to be about who can look the silliest.

lawgone90d ago

They’d be appealing if they just made a good and REALISTIC game.

Skull52190d ago

It is a company that has clearly lost its way. I’m sure many of the staff knew the microtransaction stuff was a terrible idea but were powerless to stop it.

rainslacker90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

EA is in a bit of a pickle. SW:BF still sold really well, and most games don't sell as well as it did. It certainly made money. But it didn't make as much as expected, and that makes investors unhappy.

BF5 is looking like it also won't live up to previous titles in terms of sales. This time, because the dev decided to say something stupid. If he had been more respectful, maybe people would have still brought the game, and given them the benefit of the doubt. So it's a good lesson in not pissing off your consumer base, because even the vocal minority has an effect on the market. But, since it's looking to sell less than what was likely expected, investors will be unhappy.

Mass Effect: Andromeda sold significantly less than what they likely hoped. They couldn't monetize anything after the games release, because no one cared about DLC, and the MT were non-existent after release, despite there obviously being a place to implement them in the game. But that failure doesn't leave investors happy.

Anthem hasn't really generated the hype one would expect for a Bioware game of that scope. While I may do well, it hasn't been marketed that well IMO, and I have a feeling that sales are going to suffer for it. That lack of sales won't leave investors happy.

Sure, all these monetization schemes are seen as necessary for the future, by EA and a couple others at least, but a game still has to be good, and people have to buy it for it to keep investors happy. But in EA's quest to keep investors happy, they have forgone trying to keep their customers happy. They have been doing this for a long while, since last gen. They have on multiple occassions had to say that they will try and do better by the customer....including after the SW:BF thing, so no one takes them seriously, and ultimately, they don't actually do any of that. When their customers are unhappy, they don't buy EA games, and that leaves their investors unhappy.

But...two big failures from two big IP's two years in a row, will likely cause some shaking up among the executive staff. Investors may be able to overlook a flop once in a while. It is a risk to invest after all. but two sure things really not living up to expectations when there was no reason for them not to beyond the companies decisions, does make investors take notice. So, the two scenarios that happen is that stocks start to plummet, thus executives being replaced to try and stop the bleeding, or the investors say "no more", and get someone in there that can actually fix the image of EA, and maybe run the company in a way that gets the consumers happy, because investors and executives can only dismiss their customers concerns for so long before they have to pay attention. While EA could easily survive off Madden and FIFA, and even on these games which are failing, despite selling quite well. But it isn't at the level the investors expect or want, and investors want stocks to go up, not down.

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rainslacker90d ago

They would have lost a lot of their staff either way. Once the main game was done, there was no reason to keep around most of the people that worked on the game. Every studio loses a lot of its workers after the release of a game, because most of them are contract employees. The only exceptions are those studios which have a rotating system of teams which move from one project to another, and those kinds of studios are rare, and can be counted on two hands.

The launch failed because it didn't sell 10+ million copies. It still sold more than most games do, so the thought that they lost staff because the game didn't make money is really just trying to shame people into accepting that maybe they shouldn't have been so fussy about MT.

This kind of obfuscation from EA is typical, because they don't want people to know that they are capable of making money on games without the BS monetization practices.

sawoosevens90d ago

Again star wars selling below 30mill is definitely a failure I say due the following star wars has.

Altovoltage21491d ago

They will lose even more with Battlefield 5 from the looks of it.

chris23591d ago

it‘s like jumping into the water and then finding out it‘s wet and being surprised about it. i don‘t have the slightest empathy for them and their workers. sorry. they knew exactly what a ToaS they were producing.

tigertron91d ago

DICE are going downhill thanks to EA.

Sirk7x90d ago

Name a studio that hasn't since being acquired by EA. EA is responsible for shutting down some of my favorite studios and ruining amazing franchises. This list doesn't even include Visceral who developed the Dead Space series.

SheenuTheLegend91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

still no dedicated servers. first few bullets are always a miss.
same bugs from 2002. cmon now.
srry this was meant for cod thread.

lawgone90d ago

To be fair, they’ve both lost their way and both suck.

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