Resident Evil 2 Claire 'Military' DLC costume gameplay

Capcom has released a 24-second gameplay video of the Resident Evil 2 remake showcasing Claire’s “Military” costume, which is included with the game’s Deluxe Edition.

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Eidolon91d ago

She doesn't have the physique too pull of a tough military look, but nice "costume" either way.

Seth_hun91d ago

Instead of rewarding the player with these costumes after the playtroughs, like in the original, they are paid DLC, pre-order bonus. Just business

Lynx020791d ago

I prefer dlc option, I don't know what is the point of unlocking costumes after I finished the game. When I was a kid I had time to play a game many times but now anything that is unlock after beating the game is completely useless.

Kostche91d ago

exactly man, people should let the game bomb, if gamers had any respect for themselves they would boycott this garbage

VTKC91d ago

Here we go with the dlc already

oricon91d ago

They made all the RE characters ugly AF

ghostrider3291d ago

They were ugly before. Resident Evil 2 is top 10 that didn't age well.

Servbot4191d ago

Yeah poor Claire. She looked OK in Revelations 2. I think Capcom just fired anyone with artistic talent.

Kostche91d ago

dlc ... the game is not out yet, just put it back in you filthy scumbag company