Dark Souls Trilogy now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

The Dark Souls Trilogy has been released in the North American region.

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Skull52192d ago

How about you patch the game with a Xbox One X upgrade instead of selling the product over and over again.

Silly gameAr91d ago

That would be a waste of time.

91d ago
Skull52191d ago

I'm sure a guy could sit down and type "setresolution = 1920x1080p" and "frameratecap = 0" and not break a sweat.

Silly gameAr88d ago (Edited 88d ago )


But, why do that for the gaming platform, not just console but ANYTHING that has the lowest amount of gamers that play games? That's what i meant by waste of time.


"there are not enough X out there to warrant the extra effort"

Badz149 got what I meant.

badz14991d ago

there are not enough X out there to warrant the extra effort

91d ago
TomatoDragon91d ago

There aren’t enough Xbox X’s out there to make it worth it.

BlaqMagiq191d ago

No one cares bout X. Especially over at FromSoftware.

Skull52191d ago

That's funny because Sekiro looks and plays best on Xbox One X.

BlaqMagiq190d ago (Edited 90d ago )

Here's what's even funnier. Dark Souls 3 will forever be without an X patch, while the Pro gets to enjoy the benefits of the extra power lmao!

CaptainObvious87890d ago

Meh, maybe, FS, if you gave me another trophy list to work through I'd buy into your pathetic double (triple) dipping, but since you can't even provide trophies for your DLC I'll pass.

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Kabaneri91d ago

We need a PS4 Pro patch for Bloodborne.

SilverDemon91d ago

We need demon's souls on ps4 so we will have all of the souls games on one platform

gangsta_red91d ago

That would be a waste of time

90d ago
gangsta_red89d ago

Ooooh, a brand new grudge account. I wonder who this one before being banned?

LoveSpuds91d ago

I know I will get disagrees for this, but I am excited at the prospect of a remaster of Bloodborne when PS5 comes about, mainly so I can go for a 2nd platinum trophy.

william_cade91d ago

Bloodborne is one of the best games I have ever played.

PurpHerbison90d ago

Very strange that the best game on PS4 doesn't have a pro patch.

Ragthorn90d ago

I remember being downvoted quite a bit for mentioning that I would love a Pro patch for Bloodborne. Glad to see people are more open to it now. It would really benefit and enhance the experience as that is probably one of the only bad sides to the game. It's such a fantastic game that I wrote one of my course's papers on it and I almost have the Platinum besides finishing the game one more time! So many games out right now, but I may just rush the mandatory bosses to grab it. Anyway, Bloodborne would definitely deserve a remaster at least in the next generation, and as someone else mentioned, a full series Remaster or Collection with Demon's Souls!

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william_cade91d ago

I have 2 (it's a pile of shit for a game), and 3 ( is amazing) - so I just need the first one. It's not a bad buy for those looking to get into it.